Say Goodbye to Ineffective Security and Cumbersome Compliance

Zivver vs. Zorgmail

Zivver empowers compliant email security. Trusted by over 3000 healthcare organizations globally, Zivver prevents human error by enhancing email clients (including Outlook, M365 and Gmail) with intuitive, right-sized security functionality, supporting compliance with NTA-7516 and GDPR.

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Smart Error Prevention

  • Warns users about unusual recipients to prevent misaddressed emails.
  • Alerts users about sensitive information, like SSNs in emails or attachments.
  • Provides warnings about excessive external recipients in the TO or CC fields.

Automatic Security Selection

  • Uses intelligent algorithms to classify information and select the appropriate security level.
  • Automatically enables Secure Email when required, with employee oversight for final adjustments.
  • Helps set the correct authentication method, such as SMS-based two-factor authentication for medical information.
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Versatile Functionality

  • Secure file transfer up to 5TB directly from the email client.
  • Easy document signing without leaving the inbox.
  • Secure messaging from source systems, like EHRs or CRMs, with two-factor authentication.
  • Revoke messages directly from Outlook/Gmail.

Stay Legally Compliant

  • Supports compliance with GDPR, NIS2, and NTA 7516.
  • Offers extensive logging and dashboards for compliance insights and risk management.
  • Protects sensitive information from unauthorised access, including by third parties like Microsoft and government organisations.

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What our customers say

Over 95% of our 10,000 customer organisations renew their contract with Zivver. It’s clear why switching to Zivver creates such a positive experience…

“Before turning to Zivver, we’d been using an alternative email security solution for five years. For quite a few reasons, we were looking for an alternative and, for me, user experience was a priority. Zivver is an easy-to-use solution, for both employees and recipients; this is one of the reasons we chose Zivver.”

James Ryan, Infrastructure Manager at Soha Housing
Hertsmere Borough Council

“We have approximately three times as many people using Zivver compared to our previous supplier. Zivver is far more cost-effective, meaning we can empower more people to email securely.”

Zahid Zarin, Information & Digital Services Manager at Hertsmere Borough Council


Does Zivver protect my sensitive data in my email client?

Yes, Zivver integrates seamlessly with Gmail, Outlook and Office 365, preventing the leading cause of data leaks whether users are at home, the office, or on the go.

Is an additional product (gateway server) required to integrate Zivver with my email client?

Zivver does not require an additional product gateway to integrate with Gmail and Outlook Web Access.

Do recipients of Zivver messages need to create accounts to access emails and attachments?

No, recipients of Zivver messages can access emails and attachments quickly and easily, without creating Zivver accounts or logging into portals.

What makes Zivver so user-friendly?

Zivver is designed to ‘always be there, but never be in the way.’ It seamlessly integrates into your existing email so you’ll hardly notice it’s there. Plus, users can choose whether to set-up secure email mode as ‘always on’ or can simply switch it on with just one click.

Does Zivver allow multi factor authentication?

Yes. Users can require recipients to authenticate their identities with a time based one-time password sent via SMS.

Does Zivver provide logging and reporting functionality?

Yes. With Zivver, users can view when their messages have been received and opened. Comprehensive audit and communication logs track all user activity to provide you with better insights and control.

Does Zivver work with group accounts?

Yes - and we keep it simple, too. Personal accounts and access to group accounts is directly synced from the Active Directory, enabling users to easily switch between accounts without having to log in and out.