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From healthcare to legal and financial services, organizations large and small, trust Zivver to secure their digital communications.

West Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust

Empowering people and setting the digital security standard: West Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust

DougieMac Hospice

Caring for patients and protecting their data: DougieMac

West Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust

Securing the future of NHS digital communications: West Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust

North Holland North
North Holland North (VRNHN)

Safety and digital security first: North Holland North (VRNHN)

Schouten Zekerheid
Schouten Zekerheid

Securing digital financial communications: Schouten Zekerheid

Van der Veen Kromhout
Van der Veen & Kromhout Chartered Accountants

Putting sensitive stakeholder information first: Van der Veen & Kromhout Chartered Accountants

Nationale Nederlanden
Nationale Nederlanden

Making digital security part of organizational culture: Nationale Nederlanden

Jeroen Bosch
Jeroen Bosch Hospital

Automating and securing sensitive patient communications: Jeroen Bosch

Epe municipality
Epe municipality

Real-time security awareness training: Epe municipality

Fetal Medicine
The Fetal Medicine Centre

Simplifying digital security to focus on what really matters: The Fetal Medicine Centre

COVID-19 Sneltest
COVID-19 Sneltest

Secure, digital COVID-19 test result delivery: COVID-19 Sneltest

Bergman Clinics
Bergman Clinics

Improved patient data privacy and frictionless workflows: Bergman Clinics

Agency DNA
Agency DNA

Leading digital security best practice by example: Agency DNA

AT Osborne Consultancy

Building better security: AT Osborne

Curio Education

A lesson in digital security best practice for the education sector: Curio

Schouten Zekerheid Insurance Company

Securing digital financial communications: Schouten Zekerheid

University Hospital Frankfurt

A health check on digital communications security: University Hospital Frankfurt


Protecting sensitive healthcare data far and wide: Buurtzorg

"Zivver has been made available to every UZA employee, initially via the web app, but gradually also integrated into Outlook. These are not only employees on the floor in the hospital, but also the management team, HR department and, for example, employees who process a lot of financial data. ”
University Hospital Antwerp
University Hospital Antwerp

Curing digital communications security complaints: University Hospital Antwerp

Municipality of Lochem

Digital security for the people: Municipality of Lochem


Making secure emailing a lifestyle: Plavei

Mesdag Foundation

Managing sensitive patient communications: Mesdag Foundation

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