Smart, secure, digital communications with patients

Zivver Secure Healthcare Communications

Make sharing sensitive information digitally with patients, colleagues and external partners effortless, secure and compliant.

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Freedom to Focus Improving patient care: Is email the answer to more secure digital communications?

Say goodbye to clunky portals

Our solution replaces clunky portals by integrating with existing healthcare systems. Zivver integrates with familiar email clients such as Outlook, Office 365 and Gmail - making our solution absolutely effortless for all employees.

Contextual, intelligent error correction before sending

We all make mistakes but now they become proactively fixed before they are sent, with Zivver’s active error detection, which uses machine-learning powered business rules to spot errors in the moment messages are composed.

One click or click free - you’re in control

Secure email should be effortless, which is why ​​with Zivver you can choose whether to set-up secure mode as always on, or instigate with just one click.

Smarter sending with semantic-aware, tailored security levels

Fearing interception of your messages with patients or colleagues? Fear not. Zivver applies semantic-aware, tailored secure encryption based on the sensitivity of your content and detection of the recipient's security levels. Plus, multi-factor user-level authentication verifies delivery to the right recipient.

We don’t hold the keys

Only your intended recipient should read your email. Uniquely, Zivver is built around a zero keys, zero access architecture, delivering unparalleled encryption, with Transport Layer Security (TLS) securing the connection between you and your recipient.

Effortless ease of use for your patients

With Zivver, you can de-risk and meet data privacy regulation without making your patients jump through hoops. Your patients or people don’t need to create an account or download new software to open a secure email - recipients simply click the link and enter the code sent to their mobile or email. Job done.

Save time on training - we’ve got it covered

Our digital secure healthcare communications platform is intuitively designed to gently guide users in properly securing their communications before they hit send. This includes ensuring that the correct security measures are applied, as well as providing safeguards to help users avoid the most common forms of data breaches, such as sending information to the wrong patients.

"We’re rolling out Zivver to make it as easy as possible for our clinical and support staff to secure the data we share via email and file transfer.”
Liam McLaughlin, Chief Information Officer (CIO)
Customer stories - West Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust
West Suffolk - client case
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We’ve re-imagined secure communications from the ground up

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Zivver Secure Email

Empower your people to work securely and prevent data leaks.

Zivver File Transfer

Send any type of file up to 5TB from within your email client.

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