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Catch mistakes before sending

Over 90% of data leaks are caused by human error, and mostly preventable. Zivver’s real-time alerts give you the ability to correct costly mistakes before sending an email. Zivver also protects your data while in transit or at rest, so you can be confident about communicating safely, from anywhere.

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Size does matter

Share files securely up to 5TB (that’s Terabyte, not Gigabyte ;-) with Zivver’s easy-to-use file transfer solution.

It integrates conveniently with Outlook and Gmail, so you don’t have to switch to a less secure solution when sending large files.


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Recall email if needed

Act on mistakes quickly with a simple way to recall email message access. You can use this feature to mitigate a potential data leak. Plus, if the message is withdrawn before the recipient can access it, you can be confident that the leak has been contained and doesn’t need to be reported to your national authorities.

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Securely transfer and share large files

Safely send any file type, of practically unlimited size, all within the comfort of your Gmail or Outlook account. 

Simple and smart, Zivver operates intuitively in the background of your email client to identify risks before employees hit ‘send’. Files are sent using Transport Layer Security (TLS) connections and zero-knowledge encryption, enabling users to share sensitive data with total confidence.

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Easy-to-use, from anywhere

Zivver is developed with busy teams in mind. When you need to share large file sizes quickly and easily, or even on the go, Zivver makes it easy; no more third party apps or security concerns.

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Flexible options to suit your needs

Zivver automatically highlights risks, protects messages in transit with TLS connections, and enables users to apply additional controls, including message recall, expiration, and 2FA for recipients.

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