Make your email security the smartest in the room

Secure email encryption solution for schools and colleges

Empower employees to protect sensitive data in emails and files, achieve compliance with GDPR, and engage securely with staff and students.

Integration with major email clients for effortless email encryption

From Outlook and Office 365 to Gmail, Zivver integrates seamlessly with your existing email client, regardless of device or whether you’re in the cloud or on-premise.

One click or click free - the choice is yours. Encrypt sensitive emails and large files effortlessly and rest assured your data is protected before, during and after sending. Plus, we don’t hold your encryption keys. Phew!

Achieve compliance with the GDPR

Secure file transfer, advanced encryption, email recall, and sophisticated business rules make achieving compliance with the GDPR effortless.

Automated data logging and our flexible reporting suite empower IT and data protection leaders to manage potential incidents and acquire evidence of due diligence as needed.

Email recall you can rely on

In the instance of a mis-sent email, employees can quickly recall emails without limits.

Users can view whether emails have been accessed and, if an email or attachment is recalled before it has been opened, it doesn’t need to be declared a data breach. Plus, with expiration controls, employees can maintain control over their emails even after sending.

Effortless, secure two-way student communications

Recipients don’t need to download software or create accounts to open a secure email sent with Zivver. Apply multi-factor authentication controls according to your recipient’s preference and email as usual. It’s that easy.

Plus, with our Conversation Starter functionality, non-Zivver users (parents and third party organizations) can email your institution securely, too, without creating accounts.

Safe, compliant secure file transfer

Securely send up to 5TB directly from your email client. No more relying on clunky, non-compliant third party file transfer sites; stick with email.

“Zivver integrates with Outlook seamlessly, and works silently in the background. You don't have to turn anything on; it doesn’t disrupt employees.”
Nova College
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Zivver Secure Email

Empower your people to work securely and prevent data leaks.

Zivver Secure File Transfer

Send any type of file up to 5TB from within your email client.

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