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Sharing sensitive information, sending large files, or signing a contract; do it all, and do it securely, with Zivver.

Our products

Meet the products securing your communications

Leveraging our in-depth security and technical expertise, we’ve re-imagined secure communications, pioneering solutions from the ground up that empowers your organization to work smarter and prevent data leaks.


Zivver Secure Email

Empower your people to work securely and prevent data leaks.


Zivver Secure File Transfer

Send any type of file up to 5TB from within Outlook, Office 365.


Zivver Secure eSignatures

Sign and send sensitive documents from the comfort of your inbox.

Next Generation Secure Communications Platform

Get under the hood and learn how the magic happens

We pulled out a blank canvas and designed a secure communications platform the right way; the most advanced, robust and secure foundation, powering smart tools and integrations that are effortless to use and unobtrusive.
Scroll down to take a deep dive into the Zivver platform.

Step 1

Pick your email client or integration

Zivver’s smart technology integrates intuitively and unobtrusively with systems you’re likely already using, including all major email clients such as Outlook, Office 365 and Gmail and major automated communications applications such as Salesforce and Google Workspace. So, there’s no need to scratch your head, you can be up and running in no time.

Step 2

Feature-rich products that people love to use
(so they’ve told us)

Our products have been crafted to be the tools that your people want to use, not what they ‘have to use’. We’ve obsessed over every detail, every experience and every workflow, striving for effortless ease of use and maximum effectiveness, so you can achieve widespread adoption across the organization. Only now can you experience secure email, secure large file transfer and secure digital signing, in a click, from within your email client. It’s a thing of beauty.

Step 3

The Engine - the nucleus which all roads lead to

Our Secure Communications Engine is the core of Zivver, powering our products and components. It’s been uniquely architected around a zero keys, zero access methodology and ensures maximum compliance. Get a detailed view of the engines’ services.


Zivver's security and privacy by design

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Engine Components

Break open the engine to reveal a comprehensive suite of value added components.

Data Classification

A sophisticated machine learning powered classification model

Business Rules

Semantic aware secure business rules that empower secure work out of the box.


A detailed chronology of every email event as it occurs.


Get a clear view of how Zivver is used across your organization via our intuitive dashboard for administrators.


A range of multi-factor authentication methods


Architecture built in accordance with the “privacy by design” framework.

Email Transaction

Leading industry best-practices for email transaction security


Our infrastructure complies to the most stringent access and maintenance standards. All our user data is securely stored in our Virtual Private Cloud, spread across multiple ISO27001 and SOC II certified data centres.


Extensive backup and restore procedures to guarantee zero loss of data.


Supporting multiple languages


Empower existing email routing workflows in business applications and systems


Digital communications essentials

The why, what and how of email and file transfer security
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Seamless integrations with your favorite applications

We’ve designed Zivver to integrate with the systems and applications you’re likely already using - ensuring that we’re in sync with the flow of your people and never being in the way.

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