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Protecting financial data and resident PII | Soha Housing

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Soha Housing

Soha Housing is an award winning, community-based mutualized housing association with over 7000 homes in and around Oxfordshire. The team of approximately 170 staff help to provide homes and services for affordable rent, and properties for shared ownership.

We spoke to James Ryan, Infrastructure Manager at Soha Housing, to learn how the organization is using Zivver to email sensitive data securely:

“Before turning to Zivver, we’d been using an alternative email security solution for approximately five years. For quite a few reasons, we were looking for an alternative and, for me, user experience was a priority. Zivver is an easy to use solution, for both employees and recipients; this is one of the reasons we chose Zivver.”

“The implementation was very efficient. We only had one month to get Zivver live, due to a contract expiring with our previous supplier. The launch went really well, the process was smooth and the team at Zivver was very helpful.”

“Unlike our old solution, with Zivver, recipients (non-Zivver users) do not need to create accounts to access secure emails. This is a great benefit of the solution.”

“For sharing personally identifiable information, for example, or financial information with contractors, Zivver ensures data is protected. The ability to share large files directly from Microsoft 365 is also very helpful. Generally, being able to send sensitive documents securely is very helpful.“

“While compliance wasn’t the main reason for implementing Zivver, it is very important. We can access data and reporting on user activity in the back end, including some interesting statistics regarding data incidents avoided. We can even see when emails have been recalled. This data supports us in meeting compliance.”

“We currently use Zivver’s out-of-the-box business rules. We needed to make a change to one rule in relation to financial information and this was easily done. The rules help employees to avoid making mistakes and are working well for us so far.”

“We also utilize Zivver’s multi-factor authentication controls, using phone numbers to ensure only the right people can access sensitive emails. In addition, users are also using the expiration controls to control access to files after sending. Employees find this functionality particularly useful.”

“Feedback from the team has been positive. Considering we switched from a system that had been in place for five years, as the Infrastructure Manager, I was expecting some frustrations and challenges, but the implementation was smooth. The fact that we are already using the full suite of functionality speaks for itself. This is rare when switching platforms, so I’m very pleased from an IT and administrative perspective.”

“Zivver fits into our wider data protection strategy, it provides another layer of protection for our team. I would definitely recommend Zivver to other housing associations.”

First published - 31/8/23
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