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Saving time and driving efficiency with Zivver Secure eSignatures | Lionarons GGZ

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Lionarons GGZ provides outpatient mental health care with a focus on diagnostics and treatment for children, adolescents, adults and elderly people. The organization works closely with other care providers to improve the outcomes of patients. Seeking opportunities to drive efficiencies in their digital processes, with a focus on meeting compliance with HIPAA and GDPR, Lionarons GGZ made the decision to implement Zivver Secure eSignatures to their Outlook environment.

We spoke with Sacha van Dongen, Director of IT, to learn more:

“We already use Zivver Secure Email so when we learned about the new eSignature solution, I was keen to understand how it could support us.” Sacha explained. “We work in Outlook and our historic digital signature solution does not integrate with the email client. This makes it quite clunky.”

“Having all communications methods, including digital signatures, in one place, is much more efficient, and more secure as a result. Our old digital signature solution was a different platform to email, so our employees had to log into this solution separately. It’s another step in the process, it takes time out of their busy days. Zivver Secure eSignatures will be a huge time saver for us and I expect employees will be very pleased with how convenient it is to gain signatures from now on.”

Improving client engagement

“We need a digital signature solution for a few different reasons. When treating children, for example, we must gain legally verifiable signatures from both parents by way of consent. Print and post takes too long, so we need a digital platform. With Zivver Secure eSignatures, we’ll be able to send the document to both parents at the same time by email. Bringing this process into the email environment makes it very convenient for everyone involved. Parents can review, sign and return the document to us quickly, even from their mobile device.”

“Another example of how we’ll use Secure eSignatures is when working with other care providers or third party organizations to deliver care. If we need to share reports regarding the treatment of a patient with another organization, we must first gain the signature of the appropriate therapist before sending the report. Our secretaries manage this process and, when we demod Secure eSignatures to them, they quickly saw the benefits of bringing digital signatures into Outlook.”

All communications in email

“Before choosing Zivver, we used an alternative email security platform. As with Secure eSignatues, we decided to switch to Zivver in order to bring encryption into the email client. Zivver integrates with Outlook, so we don’t have to log into a new platform to send sensitive data securely.”

“In addition to this convenience, I also appreciate that Zivver detects sensitive data in emails and prompts the user to check whether they need to send it securely. This is very helpful to our staff.”

“For both eSignatures and Secure Email, Zivver simplifies the way our secretaries share sensitive data with clients and third parties. It’s user-friendly and helpful, and ensures we’re meeting our compliance responsibilities.”

First published - 28/5/24
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