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Empower people to use email safely and securely

Enhance your email with unparalleled encryption and machine-learning-powered security to simplify compliance, prevent human error, and give your team the power to communicate with confidence.


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Encrypted email for any device or client

  Zivver ensures that every sensitive email that leaves your organization has the right level of protection.

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Say "so long" to human error

80% of all data breaches are caused by human error. With Zivver, you can secure your email and make those seemingly small mistakes with the biggest consequences a thing of the past.

Error prevention rules: Real-time warnings while your draft your email

Ensure that every time you’re sending sensitive data, you know about it. Whether it’s PII in the body of an email or private information hidden in an attachment, our real-time notifications keep you and your team on the right side of compliance.

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Right recipient: Ensure you send that email to the right Tom (or was it Tim?)

Sometimes when our address books get too big, autofill can make it all too easy to send an email to the wrong person. Using our contextual AI analysis, Zivver detects if you're sending data to someone out of the ordinary, and will let you know before you press ‘send’, preventing a potential data breach (or even just a small embarrassment).

Exfiltration Prevention: Keep organization data secure

Sometimes you may want to take work home with you; sending an email or document to your personal email is occasionally quite convenient. Malicious or not, this can have serious consequences when it comes to data security. Zivver matches users with potential private email addresses and keeps documents confidential.

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Admin made easy

Take control of your data with our powerful admin toolkit

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Business Rules: Your privacy policy in every email

You make the rules when it comes to Zivver. With Zivver Business Rules, you decide what security means to your organization. Admins can select the level of security required for specific data types when sharing. Need to prevent passport data from leaving the organization, or warn people when they have a private address in an attachment? Zivver makes it possible. 

Zivver Insights: Keep track of the metrics that matter

Knowing what data is leaving your organization and when can mean the difference between compliance and non-compliance. Zivver records the metrics that matter, from how many secure messages have been sent, to how many breaches you’ve avoided. With this data at their fingertips, admins and data protection teams can keep an eye out for vulnerabilities and potential breaches.

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Admin Controls: Automate your workload

Whether you need to sync contacts with your customer database or ensure you have control over when and how accounts are allocated, Zivver makes life easier for administrators with workflow tools and super efficient user management.

Trusted by over 10,000 organizations globally.

Go on, find out what all the fuss is about.

Email wasn’t built to be secure. We’re changing that.

When email became the standard form of communication in business, government, and stakeholder interactions, nobody was thinking about security. Now, with evolving data protection regulations and requirements, businesses need to be sure their email is secure.

Zero-knowledge encryption: Only you hold the keys

Many secure email providers hold the encryption keys to your data and messages, leaving more room for risk. At Zivver, we don’t hold the keys to your emails. The only people who can access your data are the sender and the recipient.

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Multi-factor authentication: Authenticate recipients of secure messages

Messages sent by Zivver require multi-factor authentication via an SMS, an access code, or a one-click access link depending on your organization’s preference. This means only the right people can access secure messages.

Compliance certifications - our pedigree

Zivver’s platform holds relevant certifications and is regularly stress-tested. Alongside our long list of compliance certifications, Zivver data is processed across multiple ISO27001 and SOC II-certified data centers.

Message revoke: You decide when recipients can access messages

With Zivver, users can instantly revoke messages before the wrong person/s opens them. You can also set a time limit for who can have access and when - ensuring sensitive data is kept under wraps.

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Proof of delivery: No doubts about your messages

To further secure your email, we provide proof of delivery, with access to a full trail of who, how, and when messages were sent, revoked or opened so you can prove without a doubt what happened from the moment you pressed send. Say goodbye to faxing.

Elevate and secure your workflow

Zivver Secure Email is one part of the Zivver suite. With our Secure File Transfer and Secure eSignature solution, you can streamline your workflow and turn your email into a single secure point of communication.

Zivver Secure File Transfer
5TB File? 0 problems.

With Secure Email and Secure File Transfer, you get an easy way to transfer large files up to 5TB via email. Be sure every file and attachment sent is secure without leaving your inbox.

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Zivver Secure eSignatures
Sign documents securely directly from your inbox

No need to leave your workflow to prepare, send and sign contracts. Zivver Secure eSignatures integrates directly with Outlook and secures messages with encryption, multi-factor authentication, and revocability.

Secure Email for every industry

No matter the sector, we make security effortless.
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