Effortless, smart,
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Secure email communications

Empower your people to work securely and prevent data leaks through unparalleled encryption and contextual, machine-learning powered business rules.


Seamlessly embed into all major email clients

From Outlook and Office 365 to Gmail, integrating into your existing email client couldn’t be easier - regardless of your device or whether you’re in the cloud or on-premise.

Contextual, intelligent error correction before sending

We all make mistakes but now they become proactively fixed before they are sent, with Zivver’s active error detection, which uses machine-learning powered business rules to spot errors in the moment messages are composed.

Simple as
Secure as
Smart as

Recall you can rely on

We’ve all been there - sending the wrong person an email and then being let down by traditional email recall features. Zivver’s revoke access feature allows you to quickly restrict access to an email - plus, if the message is restricted before the recipient has opened it, Zivver can guarantee that any possible data leak has been contained. Now breathe.

Smarter sending with semantic-aware, tailored security levels

Fearing interception of your messages? Fear not. Zivver applies semantic-aware, tailored secure encryption based on the sensitivity of your content and detection of the recipient's security levels. Plus, multi-factor user-level authentication verifies delivery to the right recipient.


We don't hold the keys

Only your intended recipient should read your email. Uniquely, Zivver is built around a zero keys, zero access architecture, delivering unparalleled encryption, with Transport Layer Security (TLS) securing the connection between you and your recipient.


One click or click free - you’re in control

Secure email should be effortless, which is why ​​with Zivver you can choose whether to set-up secure mode as always on, or instigate with just one click.

Automate security across your workflows

Zivver embeds seamlessly with your existing automated communications applications including Salesforce and Google Workspace. What’s more, Zivver supports bulk mailing from source systems like electronic customer files, using a secured line with SMTP.


Governance made effortless

Zivver’s Dashboard and Audit logs allow you to quickly and easily view the risks, causes, and impact of a data breach, so you can act swiftly if an incident occurs. Comprehensive audit and communication logs track all user activity to provide you with better insights and control.

Proof of delivery just got smart

Tracking and proving delivery of important, sensitive or time-critical communications, is key for many of us. With Zivver your documents can be sent digitally with registered, verified proof of delivery. What's more, you can easily access the logs of every securely sent item, displayed in a user-friendly format.


Additional features


Make it your own

Apply your own corporate identity to Zivver’s guest log-in page, providing a more seamless experience for your customers. Win, win.


Effortless ease of use for your customers

With Zivver, you can de-risk and meet data privacy regulation without derailing your customers or making them jump through hoops. Your customers don’t need to create an account or download new software to open a secure email - recipients simply click the link and enter the code sent to their mobile or email. Job done.


Now they see it, now they don’t

You can easily set up expiration dates for your secure messages, for example after a 30 day period. This makes it easier for your team to comply with data protection regulations and organizational policies. Going, going, gone.


Embed on your website

Once quickly embedded into your website or portal, Zivver will allow anyone to proactively send sensitive information to your organization securely.


Single sign-on

Zivver takes authentication seriously. Recipients can verify their identity via several convenient options including TOTP (time-based one-time password) by SMS. Single Sign-On (SSO) is supported so that your people can be automatically logged in to Zivver with their workplace credentials.


Active Directory Sync Tool

Provisioning users, whether its 10 or 1,000 is made easy through Zivver’s Active Directory Sync Tool.

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