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Email data loss prevention

Training isn’t the only way to prevent data loss and safeguard sensitive data sent via email. Transform the way your people think, act and communicate with our smart machine learning powered technology.

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You’ve nailed inbound security, now nail outbound

Data loss prevention is mostly focused on inbound threat protection. But with over 80% of data leaks caused by every-day human error, protecting your outbound communications has never been more critical.

Contextual, intelligent error correction before sending

We all make mistakes but now they become proactively fixed before they are sent, with Zivver’s active error detection, which uses machine-learning powered business rules to spot errors in the moment messages are composed.

Smarter sending with semantic-aware, tailored security levels

Fearing interception of your messages? Fear not. Zivver applies semantic-aware, tailored secure encryption based on the sensitivity of your content and detection of the recipient's security levels. Plus, multi-factor user-level authentication verifies delivery to the right recipient.

We don’t hold the keys

Only your intended recipient should read your email. Uniquely, Zivver is built around a zero keys, zero access architecture, delivering unparalleled encryption, with Transport Layer Security (TLS) securing the connection between you and your recipient.

The products you need

We’ve re-imagined secure communications from the ground up

Zivver’s smart security platform raises awareness and empowers people to protect data with maximum effectiveness and minimal disruption.

Zivver Secure Email

Highly secure and unobtrusive, empowering users to protect data with a single click.

Zivver Secure File Transfer

The easiest way to send data is by email. Now it’s the safest way too.

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