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Prepare and sign documents, straight from your inbox

Take the hassle out of signing online by bringing the power of secure eSignatures to Outlook.


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From sent to signed, all in one place

Empower every employee to prepare and send secure eSignature documents from their inbox. Reduce expensive user licenses and streamline workflows with one platform for email and electronic signatures. Simply sign and send from your email client - easy.

3 steps to secure eSignatures
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01 Prepare - Straight from Outlook

Prepare a document without leaving your inbox. Create an email in Outlook as usual, attach a document. and quickly prepare the required signature fields. No need to do anything in a separate tab or platform. Prepare it all in your email draft.

02 Send - Encrypted in transit

With our secure email technology, you can be safe in the knowledge that your contract or agreement will be encrypted in-transit and at rest while our authentication layer ensures the document can only be opened and signed by the intended recipient.


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03 Sign - Finalise and review

Sign your document, and when it’s complete and ready for review, everyone involved will have access to the finalized signed version, plus a detailed audit report. All of this right from your email client.


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Secure and legal signatures

Zivver Secure eSignatures provides high levels of security for your documents as and when they’re needed.

Exchange documents securely - Protect sensitive information with strong zero-knowledge encryption and apply authentication controls, including 2FA.

Compliant and legally valid - Generate legally valid electronic signatures and comply with data regulations including the GDPR.

Efficient operations

Zivver Secure eSignatures is designed with operational efficiency in mind, to take the hassle out of signing.

Signing made easy - Make signing documents digitally a quick and easy process for end users without downloads, sign-ups or logins.

Simplified management - No need for extra platforms. With Zivver, you have one platform for secure email, file transfer and eSignatures with seamless Single Sign On.

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Signature synergy for the whole team


Human Resources

Streamline hiring processes and resolve contracts in your email.



Ensure secure document handling and stay compliant without leaving your inbox.



Simplify vendor communications and manage contracts directly from Outlook.



Close deals faster and more securely within your email account.



Protect financial data and expedite transactions effortlessly in Outlook.



Offer encrypted assistance and handle support tickets with the utmost confidentiality.

We support you to meet compliance with data protection regulations

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