Securely transfer files with ease

Zivver Secure File Transfer Solution

Sharing files securely just got smart. With Zivver, you can send large attachments up to 5TB from O365 and Gmail. Say goodbye to non-compliant file transfer sites, say hello to efficiency.


Brilliantly simple file transfer

This most simple task is often one of the most frustrating. Gmail, Outlook and M365 limit file sizes to just 25MB, forcing you to switch to third party file transfer sites and over complicating things for you and your recipient.

We make sending sensitive data and very large files nothing short of effortless, with seamless integration with your existing email client. Getting set up is simple, too. Secure large file transfer is just one click away.

Securely send large files

Massive files? Yes you can! Whether it’s a 30GB presentation or 5TB data file, simply attach it to your email and send it securely to one or multiple people without impacting the mailbox storage capacity of the sender or recipient.

“Click here to download your file” - nobody’s got time for that. Recipients receive and access large files like any normal attachment - easy!

Contextual, intelligent error correction before you hit send

A quick slip and a click can result in unintentional data loss. It gives us shivers too. Zivver applies machine learning powered business rules to spot potential errors, like an incorrect recipient or attachment, in the moment messages are composed and before files are sent. Phew.


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Revoke. Relax. Re-Send.

Just sent that spreadsheet to the wrong Alex? In the instance that a mistake happens, we’ve got you covered. Zivver’s recall feature allows you to instantly and definitively restrict access to emails and files at any time.

Automated data logging provides a detailed view of email performance, including emails sent, opened, forwarded and more. If an email is recalled before it has been accessed, you don’t have to report the instance to the relevant authorities - phew. Plus, we even make it easy to set expiration periods on emails and files, so you keep control of data even after pressing send.

Uncompromised security

When you send a file via email, Zivver intelligently tailors the security level of the transfer based on the sensitivity of your attachment, your email content, and the security levels of your recipient.

Proof of delivery

It’s all about the detail. Every email and file can be sent with registered, verified proof of delivery. Unlike standard email clients, our data logs provide a detailed overview of message performance, supporting compliance and putting the control in your security team’s hands.

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