Zivver Secure File Transfer

Simple and secure large file transfer

Securely transfer large files of up to 5TB without leaving your email client. With best-in-class encryption, human error prevention tools, and multi-factor authentication controls for recipients, your files are protected with Zivver Secure File Transfer.

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Stay secure, unlock productivity

We ensure every sensitive message, file and folder that leaves your organization is protected with the right level of protection.

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Secure your files, even after sending

Ensure your files are secure from sent to received and beyond

Zero-knowledge encryption: True security for your files

Many large file transfer providers don’t encrypt data transfers, and those that do often hold the keys, leaving room for risk. At Zivver, we don’t hold encryption keys to your messages, so the only people who can access your files are you and those you're sharing them with. When we say secure, we mean truly secure.

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Multi-factor authentication: Authenticate recipients

Protect your sensitive messages with multi-factor authentication via SMS, access code, or a one click access link, ensuring only the right people can access secure messages.

Message revoke: You decide on file access

Instantly revoke access to messages before the wrong person/s accesses them, or set time limits for those who can gain access and when.

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Proof of delivery: Prove when a file has been accessed

Document who, how, and when messages or files were sent, revoked, opened, or downloaded. Zivver Secure File Transfer evidences without a doubt the status of your files, from the moment you press send. Say goodbye to the paper trail.

Trusted by over 10,000 organizations globally.

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Protect sensitive files from human error

Utilize contextual artificial intelligence, business rules, and real-time notifications

Error prevention rules: Real-time warnings for users

Ensure that, whenever sensitive data is present, you know about it. Zivver Secure File Transfer identifies customer, patient or student data in an attachment, and alerts users in real-time, keeping your organization on the right side of compliance.

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Right Recipient: Contextual analysis behind your address book

Using contextual AI analysis, Zivver detects if you're sending a sensitive file to someone out of the ordinary, lets users know, and prevents potential data breaches caused by missent folders, documents or files. Phew.

Exfiltration Prevention: Keep sensitive files in the business

Some documents are so sensitive that they must be kept within the organization. But sometimes, when employees want to print or view a document on their phone, they’ll send it to their personal email. With Zivver, you can set warnings or blockers to stop this from happening.

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Sharing a contract? Use Zivver to sign it

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Zivver Secure eSignatures

By combining Zivver Secure Email and Zivver Secure File Transfer with our Secure eSignature solution, you can streamline your workflow and turn your email into a single safe, streamlined point of communication.

No need to leave your email client to prepare, send and sign contracts. Zivver Secure eSignatures integrates directly with your inbox and secures your messages with encryption, multi-factor authentication, and revokability.

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