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Zivver facilitates secure email and video communication in a safe and compliant way.

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When we say safe communication, we mean much more than secure.

87% of people won’t consider your company if they question your security practices

That’s according to a McKinsey survey on consumer trust. It also showed that over 70% of customers would stop doing business immediately with a company if they felt their personal data had been mishandled in any way.

What does this mean?

Companies who can clearly show they’re taking their data security seriously will foster better and longer-lasting relationships with their customers. One way you can visibly demonstrate that is by using Zivver’s safe communication platform, this also gives your customers the option to create a free Zivver account, if they want to.

McKinsey, Feb 2020



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Effective data and privacy protection.

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Comply with evolving data protection regulations.

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Our user-friendly platform facilitates secure communication by email,
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