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Making digital security part of organizational culture: Nationale Nederlanden

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Nationale-Nederlanden (NN) has been a leading name in financial services for nearly 200 years. More than 6 million consumer and business customers in the Netherlands use the products and services of Nationale-Nederlanden, including insurance, pensions, and banking. As part of the NN Group, Nationale-Nederlanden is an international financial services provider active in 18 countries and a leader across Europe and Japan. NN Group N.V. is also listed on the Euronext Amsterdam (NN) stock exchange.
Rising to the challenge

“Choices we make today influence what the world will look like tomorrow. That is our motto and that is why we think it is important that we take responsibility in the area of data protection,” says Alvin de Bock, Project and Implementation Manager at Nationale Nederlanden. “The steps we’re taking today in the field of digitization and privacy are important for the future.”

Set for security success

We worked closely with Nationale Nederlanden to ensure our solution met their specific needs, including enabling seamless integration with Salesforce. In this way, Zivver fits directly into existing workflows, empowering people to work efficiently and securely without having to change their familiar processes.“After a successful pilot phase with Zivver, the next step was implementation. In order to make the implementation process as smooth as possible, we decided to continue to expand the pilot group with end-users. Throughout this process, we were in regular contact with our own implementation consultant at Zivver.”

“It soon became clear during the pilot that the integration with Salesforce was crucial for us to make the collaboration a success. We can now email securely from Salesforce, fully integrated into our current work process.”

“With Zivver from Salesforce, Nationale Nederlanden can send prospects and customers information securely. In addition, an employee can choose whether to send the message securely, or as a regular email. After all, secure emailing is not always necessary, but sometimes preferred or even mandatory.”

The results

Vincent Leeuw, Senior Project Lead at Zivver, guided Nationale-Nederlanden in the implementation and further rollout: “The most recent report from the Dutch Data Protection Authority shows that most data breaches are reported from the financial sector (30%), the healthcare sector (28%) and the public administration sector (17%). Approximately 50% of Dutch hospitals and municipalities already use Zivver to help safeguard data. In these sectors we are innovating with parties that will eventually even partially replace the traditional postal route with Zivver Secure Email. Another example is that, since the outbreak of COVID-19, Zivver’s secure email solution was granted the legal equivalency of fax and registered mail for certain types of correspondence in the Netherlands. This helps facilitate the timely exchange of information when so many people are working remotely and communication processes have been disrupted.”

First published - 31/08/20
Last updated - 01/10/21
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