Instantly revoke access to emails and attachments

Fast and reliable email recall

Empower your people to prevent and control data incidents with email recall and reliable logging to see who, if anyone, has accessed your communications.

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Freedom to Focus

One of the largest independent pieces of research into secure digital communications and workplace productivity

Effortlessly recall emails within your email client

Sending the wrong email takes seconds. Now, fixing the problem does too. Zivver’s Email Recall adds quick and intuitive recall functionality to your email client (including Gmail, Outlook and O365). All it takes is the click of a button.

Protect email data without any time limits

Say goodbye to that sinking feeling of sender’s remorse, no matter how long after sending. With our email recall technology, you can monitor and recall access to email contents and individual attachments weeks, months, or years after hitting send.

Clearly understand the damage of a potential data leak

Even before you revoke access to an email, see if it’s been opened and by whom. This information is crucial for damage control and assessing the impact of a potential leak. Rather than reaching out to every recipient, save time and resources with targeted communications.

Stay compliant with data protection legislation

Data protection legislation like GDPR requires companies to do everything within their power to prevent and mitigate data leaks. Our data logging gives users the ability to manage and control the size of a potential data leak, instantly see the extent of exposure, and identify every person who opened the email and attached files.

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We’ve re-imagined secure communications from the ground up

Zivver’s smart security platform raises awareness and empowers people to protect data with maximum effectiveness and minimal disruption.

Zivver Secure Email

Empower your people to work securely and prevent data leaks.

Zivver Secure File Transfer

Send any type of file up to 5TB from within Outlook, Office 365, or Gmail.

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