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We’re driving the next generation of secure digital communications for your organization, preventing data leaks and empowering your people to work securely with minimal disruption.

From secure email to secure large file transfer and more, discover Zivver today.

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Freedom to Focus – Improving patient care

Is email the answer to more secure digital communications in the healthcare sector?

With Zivver, securing your digital communications is nothing short of effortless

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Welcome to Zivver

We’ve re-imagined secure digital communications, pioneering a next generation solution from the ground up

In a world experiencing the hyper acceleration of digital transformation, regulatory reforms and hybrid work, we all need a safer, smarter way to communicate.


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We’re fanatical about solving your organization’s challenges - from reducing the risk of data leaks to ensuring compliance and more. Shall we get going?

We’ve tackled your industry challenges head on

Whatever your industry, empowering your people through secure work just became effortless


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Most Impactful Privacy Product of the Year 2022 at PICCASO Privacy Awards


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Representative EDP Vendor in Gartner’s 2021 Email Security Market Guide

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Meet the products securing your digital communications

Leveraging our in-depth security and technical expertise, we’ve re-imagined secure communications, pioneering solutions from the ground up, that empower your organization to work smarter and prevent data leaks.

Zivver Secure Email

Empower your people to work securely and prevent data leaks.

Zivver Secure File Transfer

Send any type of file up to 5TB from within your email client.

Zivver Sign (Coming Soon)

Sign and send sensitive documents securely from the comfort of your inbox.

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