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Meeting HIPAA with user-friendly encryption | Chronic Care Staffing

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Chronic Care Staffing is a nationwide provider of remote patient health services. The organization works with a variety of clients ranging from small practices to large health systems, and is dedicated to improving the quality of care and outcomes for patients. The team handles a great quantity of sensitive information and places great importance on going above and beyond their data protection responsibilities, including HIPAA.

We spoke to Director of Quality & Clinical Informatics, Sue Musumeci, to understand the role Zivver plays in the organization’s wider data protection strategy:

“We determined a need for encrypted email through our annual HIPAA risk assessment. Previously, we had a means to encrypt sensitive data through a website, which was very clunky and not at all user-friendly. So, we started researching our options. We considered Zivver alongside an alternative email security solution and, while the other option was okay, we were blown away by Zivver.”

“We’re in the healthcare sector, and so we have a lot of different customers. Not only patients and service users, but clients and partners, all of whom we regularly engage with. For me, our own employees are customers, too. Making encryption and security due diligence easy for our people was of the utmost importance when looking for an email encryption solution.”

“We had a meeting with Zivver and were not only impressed by the solution itself, but with the team’s responsiveness and communication. The product demo was clear and the team made an effort to understand our priorities and challenges. We proceeded with Zivver and haven’t looked back!”

“Approximately 60 staff are using Zivver currently; these are people handling sensitive data day to day. However, we will consider expanding that number over the next year to give more employees an easy way of encrypting data.”

“Zivver integrates seamlessly with Gmail. Outlook and Microsoft are the most common platforms in the healthcare industry, so finding an encryption solution that is cohesive with Gmail is fantastic.”

“We were very impressed by Zivver’s flexibility, from initial conversations to implementation. We had Zivver up and running in four days. It was great to be dealing with a team who took into account time differences to accommodate our team. The support team at Zivver are responsive, too. We have only had cause to contact them once, which was for a general question about our preferences in the system, but they helped us very quickly.”

“Sometimes our cybersecurity measures here in the US can be a little complacent. Working with an international company and utilizing their experience and knowledge has been very beneficial. The security standards are there and it greatly helped us establish the solution in the business.”

“After initial training - which was super simple; users simply toggle the button to encrypt the email and continue the process as normal - it has been smooth sailing. Everyone is using it who should be, and we’ve had no complaints. In my role, no news is good news and users have been using Zivver without any qualms.”

“We’re starting to see people using the data loss prevention tools, such as acting on alerts to the presence of sensitive data. If Zivver suggests using encryption, we encourage our users to do so. It is always better to be safe than sorry when compliance is in question and Zivver notifies users when encryption should be applied.”

“We use the multi factor authentication tools, too, which is helpful. We share passwords and codes by email, which is a consistent rule for everyone and it works very well. In this way, we’re going above and beyond our responsibilities under HIPAA while keeping things simple for users.”

“The user experience for recipients of encrypted emails is also straightforward. We haven’t received any negative feedback from our business partners.”

“I expect the audit suite to be very helpful in the future, as we’ll be able to view user behavior and data on emails sent securely, accessed, forwarded and recalled, for example. Access to this information supports us in meeting our regulatory responsibilities.”

“We’ve been delighted with the experience. I have nothing but great things to say about Zivver.”

First published - 28/5/24
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