GDPR compliance

Meet GDPR email requirements with Zivver

We support thousands of organizations to achieve GDPR compliance with effortless, smart email security.

Preventing the leading cause of GDPR violations

The average worker sends and receives 130 emails every day. Every email sent must be compliant with the GDPR, meaning personal information must be secure. But the majority of GDPR-violating data breaches occur due to human error; from sending a message to the wrong person to accidentally sharing a sensitive file - these are the small mistakes with the biggest (and most costly) consequences.

How to make your email GDPR compliant

Through seamless integration with Gmail, M365 and Outlook, Zivver enhances standard email clients with smart functionality to secure sensitive emails. Employees can manage data in emails and attachments without fear of a leak - and recipients can rest assured that their data is in safe hands.

Recall you can rely on

In the instance of a mis-sent email, employees can quickly recall emails without limits. Under GDPR, if an email or attachment is recalled without being accessed, it doesn’t need to be declared a data breach. Plus, with expiration controls, users can maintain control over their emails even after sending.

Contextual, intelligent error correction

Machine-learning powered error detection alerts users instantly to the presence of sensitive data in the body or attachments of emails, or if an email is potentially being sent to the wrong address. Employees can take action to encrypt their email with one click, or correct any errors before they hit ‘send’.

Unrivalled encryption and multi-factor authentication

Apply advanced encryption to sensitive emails to ensure they are protected in transit and thereafter. Empower employees to require recipients to verify their identity before accessing emails and files. Plus, we don’t hold encryption keys, meaning only you and your recipient can access your data.

Send large files from your email client

Rather than utilizing non-compliant third party file transfer sites, securely send up to 5TB from Outlook, O365, and Gmail.

Manage email performance with data logs

Automated data logging provides a detailed overview of email performance, including when emails were sent, received, accessed, forwarded and more, empowering IT and data protection leaders to manage a potential breach and acquire evidence of due diligence as needed.

We’ve re-imagined secure communications from the ground up

Learn more about our secure digital communications products that ensure compliance.

Zivver Secure Email

Empower your people to work securely and prevent data leaks.

Zivver Secure File Transfer

Send any type of file up to 5TB from within your email client.

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