Certifiable proof of delivery of emails and attachments

Indisputable email proof of delivery

Gain legally certifiable proof of delivery and receipt status on emails and attachments — and never rely on postal delivery or fax again.

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Take the guesswork out of email delivery status

Has your email been delivered? Opened? Downloaded? Zivver’s Email Proof of Delivery provides full visibility at every stage of your email’s journey with a detailed log of activities and status including message details and a log of event information.

Proof of delivery within your email client

With one click, you can track the status of communications instantly in your email. Zivver integrates seamlessly with email clients including Outlook, Microsoft 365 and Gmail.

Legally sound evidence of email communication

Zivver Proof of Delivery was developed in partnership with the Dutch judicial system. Our certifications guarantee that every email has a clear and provable delivery status, supporting organizations to avoid legal disputes and ensure compliance.

Optimize email for delivery-sensitive industries

Zivver enables large file transfers up to 5TB over email, meaning you can track the status of your attachments, too. Whether you’re sending legal documents, healthcare correspondence, or financial information, Zivver enhances email to meet industry best practices and compliance requirements.

Maximize value from email communication

With data at your fingertips, you can effortlessly follow up on communications at the right moment, see that responses were made in time, and have a full communication timeline to inform future communication.

More secure, more efficient

Easy, reliable — and now compliant. Email is the best place for your sensitive communications. Say goodbye to fax and signed postal delivery and manage your communications with Zivver’s legally certifiable email status logs.

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We’ve re-imagined secure communications from the ground up

Zivver’s smart security platform raises awareness and empowers people to protect data with maximum effectiveness and minimal disruption.

Zivver Secure Email

Highly secure and unobtrusive, empowering users to protect data with a single click.

Zivver Secure File Transfer

The easiest way to send data is by email. Now it’s the safest way too.

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