Integrated outbound email security

The best security solutions are tools that your staff actually want to use. The easier the solution, the wider the adoption. This also makes life simpler for your security and data protection team.

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Integrations with the most widely used tools

Zivver integrates seamlessly with systems most organizations already use, including email solutions such as Outlook and Gmail, EPDs such as Chipsoft HiX and Obasi, or other software systems such as Salesforce and Google Workspace. The big advantage: you can be up and running in no time.


Seamless integration

Add a security layer to the email that your organization uses, such as Outlook and Gmail


Works with many systems

Use Zivver with other business systems such as Salesforce, HRM or CRM software, and more


Use from anywhere

Accessible from desktop, mobile or via the app to communicate securely

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The importance of system integrations

Trying to influence behavioral changes and raise data security awareness among staff can be incredibly challenging. By integrating Zivver with your company’s current systems, staff can communicate securely without asking them to change their way of working. If you go with software that doesn’t integrate well or is cumbersome to use, user adoption will likely remain low. The same technology used in your email client can also be applied in other systems (CRM, HRM, H-EPD, EPD, Business systems). 

Featured integrations: Outlook, Microsoft Office 365 (O365), Gmail, Google Workspace, Evry, Salesforce, Chipsoft HiX, Obasi, GLIMS, Oase and DaVinci.

See why our clients use Zivver

“With Zivver we can now email securely from Salesforce, the solution is fully integrated into our current work process. ”

National Nederlanden

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Buurtzorg Healthcare

"The integration with Gmail meant that employees hardly needed to change their way of working"
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Schouten Zekerheid Insurances

"The introduction turned out to be easier than we expected, also for our IT department."
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University Hospital of Antwerp

"Zivver is a big step forward in terms of ease of use compared to our previous solution."
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