Easy encryption for essential email security

Zivver Encryption Gateway

Every business uses email as its main communication tool and often sends sensitive information. And while not every email contains top-secret data, every business should ensure their emails are protected with reliable transport security.

With Zivver Encryption Gateway, businesses have a quick, easy, and affordable way to protect all their emails and comply with regulations like GDPR, HIPAA, or government guidance.

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Secure Email, made simple

With Zivver's Email Encryption Gateway, you can secure all your emails with the minimum level of security required by your organization.

Our gateway will check for and enforce the required security level. If the recipient doesn't meet the security requirements necessary, a fall-back mechanism will kick in with messages being delivered through a user-friendly and secure message portal.

Stay Compliant

Stay Compliant

By using our gateway, all your emails automatically meet the required minimum security according to laws and regulations like GDPR, HIPAA,  or government guidance.

Speedy Setup

Using the Email Encryption Gateway is simple and can be set up in minutes! You don't need to train your employees or inform recipients in advance.

Speedy Setup
User Friendly

User Friendly

You no longer have to choose between bounce messages to your employees or confront recipients with an unfriendly portal where they're forced to create an account.

Risk Insights

When using the Email Encryption Gateway, you can gain advanced insights into potential data breach risks. See how often sensitive information is shared that would require additional security.

Risk Insights
Enterprise-grade Security

Enterprise-grade Security

The Email Encryption Gateway uses the same secure foundation as other parts of the Zivver platform. Our platform is ISO27001 and SOC2 Type2 certified, and it employs cloud-act-resilient zero-access encryption. Check here for all our certifications and here for all the security measures we take.

Ditch opportunistic STARTTLS

Lots of organizations rely on opportunistic STARTTLS to protect their emails so they can comply with current legislation, guidelines, and standards. Unfortunately, this leaves them open to attacks from hackers. Zivver uses methods that guarantee that messages are encrypted when they reach the correct mail server so you keep your data protected in all scenarios.


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Encryption Gateway

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Zivver for Outlook/Gmail

Email Encryption

Manually enable Zivver

2FA for recipients

Smart Classification

With Zivver Smart Classification, you improve the deployment of your email business rules. These rules indicate whether it is necessary to treat the email in question as sensitive.

Human Error Prevention

Real-time suggestions

Advanced security features within regular mail client

Easily upgrade with other Zivver Secure Email Technology

Zivver’s Encryption Gateway seamlessly works with Zivver's other functionalities, like our client integrations for Outlook and Gmail, and our web and mobile app.

That way, adding more sophisticated email security with things like automatic classification, preventing human error, and sharing large files can be added easily.

Configuring Encryption Gateway is uncomplicated but if you need help getting started, reach out to our customer support team.

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