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Enhance Gmail with zero knowledge encryption, machine-learning-powered data loss prevention tools, and large file transfer capabilities. Zivver for Gmail empowers users to avoid the leading causes of data leaks with warnings in real-time to potential errors.

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Why Zivver for Gmail

Thousands of data leaks every year are caused by failure to properly protect sensitive data in emails. Without effective security tools or appropriate levels of encryption, your data can easily be accessed by unauthorized third parties, resulting in non-compliance, financial repercussions, and reputational damage. Our frictionless Gmail integration enhances your email communications security to protect data before, during and after sending.

Gmail alone lacks the security features required to protect sensitive data. With reliable email recall, multi-factor authentication, and large file transfer capabilities, Zivver enhances the Gmail environment to protect every sensitive email and file, effortlessly.

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Before sending

With business rules powered by machine learning, Zivver reads the body and attachments of emails, and alerts users to the presence of sensitive information.

Employees can take action to encrypt their email, redact data, or apply MFA controls to avoid a potential data loss event. Zivver also monitors for common errors, such as incorrect recipients, or the misuse of Bcc. This proactive approach to data protection alerts busy people to potential mishaps in real-time, preventing the leading causes of data incidents without interfering with workflows.

Zivver's machine learning capabilities recognize patterns and anomalies, providing you with the peace of mind that your communications are not only secure but also compliant with privacy regulations. And, depending on the needs of your organization, Zivver’s business rules can be tailored to your industry requirements, recognizing financial data, student numbers, NHS and healthcare information and more.

During sending

Gmail supports secure email transport via a very basic security measure, known as STARTTLS. Both the sender and recipient must use transport layer security (TLS) to create a secure connection; in the instance that a secure connection can't be created, Gmail resorts to sending messages via non-secure connections, or in some instances, the message may not be sent at all.

Regardless of the recipient’s email network, Zivver ensures that your emails are delivered securely, irrespective of the recipient's email network. This means that even if the recipient's system lacks TLS support or encounters connectivity issues, Zivver's advanced zero-access encryption protocols guarantee that your sensitive information is safeguarded throughout the transmission process.

Plus, when we say secure, we mean truly secure. Zivver’s zero-knowledge approach means that we don't hold your decryption keys, ensuring that even in the unlikely event of a security breach, your confidential information remains protected.

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After sending

Mistakes happen, and sensitive information sent in error can lead to serious consequences. Zivver's integration with Gmail empowers users to recall messages, without time limits. Users can also set expiration periods on messages, and apply MFA controls to ensure only the appropriate recipient can access emails.

To manage any potential data incidents and ensure compliance with data protection laws (including GDPR and NTA 7516) administrators have access to data logging with access to email performance including messages sent, received, opened, forwarded and more.

"With Zivver for Gmail we opted for one 'universal' system for all our employees and teams, with which email can be sent to all addresses. Also from non-Zivver users."
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Send large files from Gmail

Send up to 5TB securely from your Google workspace with Zivver. Gmail applies size limits when sending large files externally, requiring employees to send documents as links or utilise alternative platforms. For recipients, this is often a clunky process, and can be frustrating for employees, too.

With Zivver Secure File Transfer, part of our Secure Email solution, employees can send files securely from Gmail. Recipients don’t need to create accounts to access emails or files sent securely with Zivver, providing a simple user-experience for everybody.

Employees can set expiration controls on emails and files, recall messages if needed, and monitor when an email has been opened and by who. Users can also apply multi-factor authentication controls, requiring recipients to input a code or password to open emails.

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Effortless email security

Zivver acts as a safeguard, identifying potential pitfalls and ensuring that your confidential information remains just that—confidential.

Elevate your email communication with Gmail and Zivver, where advanced encryption and intelligent error detection work hand in hand to create a secure, efficient, and error-free communication environment.

Zivver's zero-keys, zero-knowledge encryption protects data from third-party access, including Google and Zivver. This way, only the intended recipient can access and read the contents of your email.

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