Protect your data in Gmail

Email encryption and other features to fully-secure Gmail

From email recall to large file transfer capabilities, Gmail alone lacks the vital security features you need to protect sensitive data.

Zivver enhances your Gmail environment to protect every sensitive email and file, effortlessly.

Before sending

Compose your email as usual in Gmail. Powered by smart machine learning, Zivver identifies errors and detects sensitive information, including PII, incorrect recipients and more, and alerts you to potential data mishaps before you hit ‘send’, so you can take action and apply advanced encryption to your email. Easy.

During sending

Gmail supports secure email transport via a very basic security measure, known as STARTTLS. Both the sender and recipient must use transport layer security (TLS) to create a secure connection; in the instance that a secure connection can't be created, Gmail sends via non-secure connections - or not at all.

Regardless of the recipient’s email network, Zivver ensures messages are delivered securely with advanced encryption. Plus, we don’t hold your decryption keys - when we say secure, we mean truly secure.

After sending

Zivver's zero-keys, zero-knowledge encryption assures third-party access on the vendor side is not possible, including Google and Zivver.

In the instance that emails have been sent in error, Zivver enables users to recall messages - you can also set expiration periods on messages, and authenticate recipient identities with multi-factor authentication.

To manage any potential data incidents and ensure compliance with data protection laws (including GDPR and NTA 7516) administrators have access to data logging, including messages sent, received, opened, forwarded and more.

"With Zivver for Gmail we opted for one 'universal' system for all our employees and teams, with which email can be sent to all addresses. Also from non-Zivver users."
Danielle Gérard - Project Leader
Customer stories - Buurtzorg
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