Zivver DLP Gateway

Actively preventing data loss in every email

Prevent your data from getting into the wrong hands with Zivver’s Data Loss Prevention (DLP) Gateway. DLP Gateway detects sensitive information in outgoing emails and automatically applies encryption, two-factor recipient authentication, and the ability to revoke access.

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Regular email, made secure

With over 80% of data leaks being caused by common human error and the average cost of a data breach rising, empowering secure work and protecting your organization from data loss doesn’t have to keep you awake at night. We believe the answer is an effortless, smart, secure, digital communications platform and so do >10,000 organizations today. This gives you a robust way to prevent outbound email data leaks no matter the device.

Security when you need it

Security when you need it

Zivver’s DLP gateway automatically sends emails securely if they contain sensitive information, that way any normal emails are sent without any unnecessary encryption or 2FA.

Seamless recipient experience

Sensitive data is delivered using enforced transport security or via the Zivver guest portal for a seamless recipient experience. No account creation is needed in any scenario, and recipients can be verified via SMS, access code or verification email. Plus, we don’t hold your decryption keys - when we say secure, we mean truly secure.

Seamless recipient experience
Advanced security capabilities

Advanced security capabilities

DLP Gateway comes with the Zivver app (web/mobile) with access to advanced security features like large file transfer, access revocation, Proof of Delivery etc.

Smart technology with simple admin

The ideal security catch-all

Compatibility with Zivver’s client integrations means users can get the best of both worlds - real-time suggestions when they’re at their desk, and data loss prevention when they're not.

The ideal security catch-all
Consistent compatibility

Consistent compatibility

Sync your contacts  using Contact Sync (via file upload or API) to sync recipient verification details directly from source systems. Plus, detection of sensitive information is powered by Zivver's zero-knowledge machine learning algorithms and can be supplemented by your own definitions of sensitive data as well as Microsoft Purview sensitivity labels.

Management made simple

With minimal user training and no installations, DLP admin couldn’t be easier. Plus, with regular updates managed by Zivver, you always have the latest functionality.

Management made simple

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2FA for recipients

Smart Classification

With Zivver Smart Classification, you improve the deployment of your email business rules. These rules indicate whether it is necessary to treat the email in question as sensitive.

Human Error Prevention

Real-time suggestions

Advanced security features within regular mail client

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