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Setting the data protection standard

Foreword by Glen Hymers BA (Hons), DipCSMP, Cert HE, CIPP/E, CIS LI, GDPR P, M_o_R, Head of Data Privacy & Compliance and Information Assurance, Cabinet Office


The public sector is encountering a growing catalog of challenges: tightening budgets, restricted resources, outdated IT infrastructure - the list goes on. 

For IT leaders in local authorities, the landscape is particularly complex. These professionals face pressure to advance their organisation’s digital strategies in the face of ample skills shortages and evolving data protection laws, balancing user-experience for both residents and employees with compliance and security. 

While the COVID-19 pandemic escalated a shift to online services and emphasized the potential for technology to drive sustainable, positive change for service delivery long into the future,  public sector leaders are now realizing the answer does not lie in swamping tech stacks with new solutions and platforms. In fact, getting the most out of existing systems is now the objective for IT professionals. 

The aim for local authorities is to improve the lives of citizens and this relies on cohesive, consistent and secure communication across public sector organizations. Agencies must find interoperable methodologies for driving engagement with each other and service users, whilst arming their people with skills and solutions to utilise data efficiently and securely, without complicating workflows.

But what does this look like? Where do IT leaders begin? And what challenges will they face along the way to sustainable, effective digital transformation?


Challenges on the horizon

How to do more with less - that’s the name of the game for public sector leaders this year. Learn how leaders are utilising tech to streamline processes and digitise services for the benefit of staff and communities.

The communication risk landscape

Multiple platforms, portals, and communications channels result in a lack of cohesion between administrations and frustration for residents. For IT professionals, vectors for data security become broader and harder to maintain. How are they navigating the security and compliance headaches for their organizations?


Empowering resident engagement

Accessibility is a social care issue, placing huge responsibility on local authorities to prioritise digital inclusion to improve service delivery and drive better community engagement, raising the question; what platforms do people want?

Insights from industry experts

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Setting the data protection standard
Glen Hymers, BA (Hons), DipCSMP, Cert HE, CIPP/E, CIS LI, GDPR P, M_o_R, Head of Data Privacy & Compliance and Information Assurance, Cabinet Office

"It is crucial that the public sector takes a proactive approach to data protection and privacy. This means implementing strong technical and organisational measures, (...) the technology we use is fit for purpose and configured correctly, and that we train staff on data protection and privacy best practices."

Modern data management in the public sector
Robert Montgomery, Audit & Governance Lead Manager, Telford & Wrekin Council

"There are common mistakes being made in organisations where the method of digital commerce is shaping service provision and the actual IT solution is seen as the ‘end’ and not a ‘means to an end’. Firstly, the purpose/service requirement should decide the IT solution and not the other way around."

Modern data management in the public sector

Expert contribution by Robert Montgomery, Audit & Governance Lead Manager, Telford & Wrekin Council.

The problem of interoperability

Interoperability is the enabler to effective digital transformation; when systems integrate, so, too, can siloed teams. How are progressive IT leaders bridging the divide between separate administration?

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