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Zivver safely transforms your company’s communication security with user-friendly integrated solutions your staff will want to use.  
Send emails or chats, transfer files and make video calls with enterprise-grade data protection.

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The Dutch Judicial System uses Zivver

In need of an immediate and highly secure communications solution for remote workers during the onset of COVID-19, Zivver successfully implemented a safe communication platform to address this urgent challenge for the Dutch legal system.


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Corporate social responsibility includes safeguarding customer data

Become a digital leader when it comes to protecting data and privacy, an area where many Fortune 500 companies are currently lagging behind.

  • Control digital risks

    Zivver is the only platform companies need to ensure that employees can easily adhere to organizational data policies. Advanced error prevention technology enables users to catch mistakes in their communications before hitting send, avoiding costly data leaks. Strong user authentication and encryption provide enterprise-grade data protection.

  • Enable Data Compliance

    Zivver’s market leading platform stays on top of evolving data protection laws, to help companies meet regulatory requirements such as the GDPR, DPA or the CCPA. This way your company can stay focused on its core business.

Transforming how companies communicate in a safe and compliant way. At scale.

Here’s why enterprises benefit with Zivver


Tools your staff actually want to use


  • devices-icon Use from anywhere

    The platform can be conveniently used on all desktop and mobile devices, from anywhere. This makes it ideally suited for people at the office or working remotely, no matter how many employees you have.

  • integrations-icon Easy Integrations

    Zivver’s platform integrates seamlessly with Outlook, Office 365 and Gmail so users can send safe communications, and can be used from most browsers for secure video calling. This makes it easy for staff to work in a way that feels natural to them.

  • thumbs-up Intuitive to use

    Zivver’s platform uses common interface design so that people are instinctively at ease while using it, with minimal training required.


Enterprise-grade communication security and data protection

 Safeguard data at rest or on the go

  • two-factor Two-factor authentication (2FA):

    Strong user authentication with 2FA ensures that only intended recipients can access information sent securely on Zivver’s platform.

  • SSO Single Sign-on (SSO)

    SSO gives users the ability to log into multiple apps with one set of credentials for added convenience and security.

  • encryption Robust encryption

    Best-in-class asymmetric zero-knowledge encryption protects all data on the go. Have peace of mind knowing that unintended recipients will never be able to read or access messages sent securely by your organization.

  • cloud-key Key Management

    Unlike many other cloud providers, Zivver can’t access data that’s stored on the platform because we don’t maintain user keys to decrypt the information. This gives your company total control of its data and reduces potential security threats in your supply chain.

  • Audit-log Audit and user logging

    Comprehensive audit and communication logs track all user activity to provide organizations with better insights and control. These audit logs are also helpful when reporting a data leak to authorities.


Simplified data and regulatory compliance

Give your team the tools they need to enhance your data protection

  • rules-icon Business rules

    Out-of-the-box classifiers and customized business rules make it easy for people to select the appropriate level of protection to adhere to your company’s data policies when emailing or sending files.

  • Compliance Meet regulatory requirements

    Zivver stays on top of evolving data protection regulations to help your company comply with standards and laws such as the GDPR, CCPA, HIPAA, PCI-DSS, and ISO27001. 

  • Data-leak-icon Data leak mitigation tools

    The recall email feature can be used to quickly revoke access to a message if a mistake has been made. If the message has not yet been accessed, Zivver can guarantee that a breach has not occured. If there is a breach, the audit logs facilitate reporting to the respective regulatory authorities.

  • mailbox-retention Mailbox Retention

    Set up expiration dates for any secure messages, for example after a 30 day period. This makes it easier for staff to comply with data protection regulations and other company’s policies.


Easy to integrate with your current tools

Seamless integration with leading software makes it easy for everyone to work in a way that feels natural to them


Secure emails in one click

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Why Buurtzorg use Zivver

"Zivver's integration with Gmail meant that our 14,000+ employees hardly needed to change their way of working, but now they communicate securely." 

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