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Mountain Healthcare | Enabling employees to focus on care whilst prioritizing data compliance and security

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Mountain Healthcare delivers expert health and justice services across the UK. The team is dedicated to providing trauma-informed services that ensure equal, effective and efficient care to all patients.

A partner of NHS England and the police, the organization’s unique services include healthcare in Sexual Assault Referral Centres (SARCs), Police Custody and Secure Environments. As such, the data handled across the organization is incredibly sensitive. It is key that every employee is armed with the technology needed to engage with service users, colleagues, and third-party agencies securely and efficiently.

Paul Coles, Operational Improvement Manager, told us how Zivver enables employees at Mountain Healthcare to simplify email security in order to prioritize patient care:

“Email security is absolutely paramount to us as we handle incredibly sensitive data every day. Data may be about survivors of sexual assault or people in custody requiring medical treatment and, as such, we are regularly in touch with police and NHS teams. The way we engage with these agencies and handle sensitive information must be accessible, reliable and, above all, secure. That’s why we chose Zivver.”

“I was responsible for the implementation of Zivver a year ago and the process was very easy and straightforward - we just turned it on, and it worked! We had full technical support from the Zivver team and adoption has been increasing since the roll out. Employee feedback has been positive because it is so easy to use.”

Driving data governance

“We use Outlook, which Zivver integrates with seamlessly. Prior to the implementation, we relied on the basic security features within the email client. We also previously used an alternative email security solution, but this was particularly complicated which meant employees weren’t always using it properly. Zivver is far simpler to use, and adoption is going up as a result.”

“From a governance perspective, Zivver is excellent. We know of at least one major incident that Zivver has enabled us to avoid. When using email, anyone can make an accidental mistake, such as sending case notes to the wrong email address. With Zivver, the employee can revoke access to the email immediately, thereby avoiding a data incident. This was never practical in Outlook.”

“Zivver supports us to comply with various data protection legislation and accreditations, including the NHS DSTP, Cyber Essentials, and GDPR. We can present Zivver as our method for securely sending sensitive information, making compliance very simple.”

Driving efficiency and simplifying compliance

“We’ve just implemented business rules based on our own keyword lists and our traffic has gone up by 55% which is what we expect. Zivver will identify the keywords within the email body or attachments and notify employees of potentially sensitive data, enabling them to encrypt the message before sending, thereby avoiding any potential data incidents.”

“Zivver also allows employees to send large files by email. Previously, I would receive at least one question a week from employees asking how to send a large file securely. But those questions have stopped now because Zivver makes sending up to 5TB quick and easy.”

“My priority is employee experience. Everything we do is to support our employees to focus on delivering care. With Zivver, securely sending large files and emails is not only efficient but empowers our people to spend more time focusing on what they’re here to do - and that is clinical work. Zivver supports employees to behave compliantly and securely, often without having to think about it. In this way, Zivver is an unsung hero. Due to how effortless it is to use, we don’t realise how much time we’ve saved. It’s as easy as sending any normal email.”

Aftercare and support

“Zivver provides excellent technical support. Implementation was smooth and simple; we can’t afford to take our workforce off the floor to deal with a complex implementation, so this was vital.”

“The Help Centre is also very helpful. Our IT team doesn’t have to wait for responses to tickets. In the instance of a query, more often than not, they can go to the Help Centre and find an answer to most questions. In our line of work, we can’t afford delays in sending emails. The ability to resolve issues quickly is so important to us and the Help Centre resolves most issues.”

First published - 8/6/23
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