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What this large financial institution did to minimize data leaks

Alvin de Bock

"The steps we are taking today in the field of digitization and privacy are important for the future."

Project Manager, Nationale-Nederlanden (NN)


Customer Case: Nationale-Nederlanden (NN)

Nationale-Nederlanden (NN) has been a leading name in financial services for more than 175 years. More than 6 million consumer and business customers in the Netherlands use the products and services of Nationale-Nederlanden, including insurance, pensions and banking activities. As part of the NN Group, Nationale-Nederlanden is an international financial services provider active in 18 countries and a leader in a number of European countries and Japan. NN Group N.V. is also listed on the Euronext Amsterdam (NN) stock exchange.

“Choices we make today influence what the world will look like tomorrow. That is our motto and that is why we think it is important that we take our responsibility in this ”, says Alvin de Bock, Project and Implementation Manager at Nationale-Nederlanden. "The steps we’re taking today in the field of digitization and privacy are important for the future."

  • Employees: 25,000+
  • Industry: Financial Sector

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Challenge: ensure the privacy of customers and prospects

Alvin De Bock: “As an insurer, we regularly communicate with customers, prospects, healthcare providers, governments and various other stakeholders. Sometimes we have to share sensitive information such as medical or payment information. We handle this data according to our core values. These are "Care" (respect for each other and the world we live in), "Clear" (honest, accessible proactive communication) and "Commit" (acting with integrity with an eye to the future). A number of keywords from these core values ​​are "accessibility", "future" and "respect for the world in which we live". These go hand in hand with further digitization, and thus with digital communication. However, this is only possible if we can guarantee the privacy of our customers and prospects. And that is crucial because digitization always comes with risks. A possible data breach in digital communication can lead to unpleasant situations for our customers, and we must promptly report any breaches to the national authorities.''

“After all, the safe processing of personal data in 2021 must be in accordance with laws and regulations to guarantee the privacy of our customers and prospects. This includes provisions from the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the Code of Conduct for the Processing of Personal Data for Insurers. The complexity of our industry, combined with legislation and digitization, can make it challenging to take big leaps in the field of digital communication.”

"After all, secure emailing is not always necessary, but sometimes preferred or even mandatory."

After a pilot phase with Zivver, the next step was the implementation. In order to make the implementation process go as smoothly as possible, we decided to continue to expand the pilot group with end-users. Throughout this process we're in regular contact with our own implementation consultant at Zivver. It soon became clear during the pilot that the integration with Salesforce was crucial for us to make this collaboration a success. With this link we can now email securely from Salesforce, fully integrated into our current work process.”

Solution: integration with Salesforce enables secure communications

To explain how this works operationally, De Bock delves deeper into the technical possibilities of the integration with Salesforce. “With Zivver from Salesforce, Nationale-Nederlanden can send prospects and customers information securely. In addition, an employee can choose whether or not to send the message securely (or as a "normal" email). After all, secure emailing is not always necessary, but sometimes preferred or even mandatory.”

Robin Ottenhof, Senior Technical Consultant at Zivver added: “To email securely with Zivver from Salesforce, you set up an SMTP link with the Zivver SMTP server. This is done via the so-called "Email Relay functionality in Salesforce. You also set up an Email Domain Filter. This filter ensures that not all messages sent from Salesforce must also be safely delivered to the recipient. As a final step, you set up an Organization-Wide Email Address in Salesforce. By selecting this email address, employees can have a message sent securely. For example, an employee is in control of whether or not to send a message safely."

Properly securing digital communications was essential

Vincent Leeuw, Senior Project Lead at Zivver, guided Nationale-Nederlanden in the implementation and further rollout. “The most recent report from the Dutch Data Protection Authority shows that most data breaches are reported from the financial sector (30%), the healthcare sector (28%) and the public administration sector (17%). About 50% of Dutch hospitals and municipalities therefore already use Zivver to help safeguard data. In these sectors we are innovating with parties that will eventually even partially replace the traditional postal route with Zivver.''

Another example is that since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, Zivver’s secure email solution was granted the legal equivalency of fax and registered mail for certain types of correspondence in the Netherlands. This helps facilitate the timely exchange of information when so many people are working remotely and communication processes have been disrupted. In this way, Zivver was able to help entire industries ensure business continuity, by providing a simple solution for them to communicate securely with internal or external contacts in a safe and compliant way.

Result: communication that complies with legislation and regulations

Nationale-Nederlanden uses Zivver as a communication solution to facilitate compliance with various regulations, such as the GDPR across Europe plus the UK GDPR, including other national requirements such as the NTA 7516 in the Netherlands.

Vincent Leeuw: “Becoming compliant is an important requirement for most companies, and we help our customers achieve this with our solutions alongside the consultations we provide. Achieving compliance is something companies should be proud of, even if it is a requirement.”

Asked about Nationale-Nederlanden specifically, Leeuw added: “To start, the main business priority was to ensure the company could be fully compliant with all pertinent privacy legislation. But alongside being compliant, it’s also important to be able to ensure customer privacy and have the associated security measures needed to support that. Together, this can help to improve overall business efficiency.’’

Alvin de Bock adds: “Protecting customer privacy is especially important to us. By ensuring that we can communicate in a safe and compliant way, our customers can be confident that their data is being properly safeguarded at all times.’’

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