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"As an educational institution, we're training the future generation. This is one of the reasons why it's important for Curio to keep up with the times and digitize the organization. Zivver helps with this because data can now be shared digitally and securely."

Joris Weel, Chief Information Security Officer


Customer Case: Educational Institute Curio

Curio is one of the largest educational institutions in the southern part of The Netherlands. The educational institution consists of eight pre-vocational secondary education schools and many secondary vocational education schools. The 1,780 employees of the educational institution have to deal with privacy-sensitive data of no less than 22,000 pupils and students. The name of the educational institution 'Curio' stands for curiosity.

Curious about how Curio uses Zivver? Joris Weel, Chief Information Security Officer explains. 

  • Employees: 1,780
  • Students: 22,000
  • Industry: Education

Which secure communication solutions does Curio use? 

  • mail-icon Zivver Mail
  • sending-transfer Zivver File Transfer
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Because the educational institution works with many different locations, a lot of data is shared digitally

Curio is the largest educational institution in West-Brabant (The Netherlands). Because the educational institution works with many different locations, a lot of data is shared digitally. "This must be safe at all costs." emphasizes Joris Weel.

"Curio is located across different locations, so it's crucial that we can also share privacy-sensitive matters with each other online," says Joris. Email is a popular and accessible means of communication and therefore a very important communication channel for the educational institution. Since the introduction of the GDPR, stricter measures have been taken against incorrect processing and sharing of privacy-sensitive data such as personal data." 

"In education, you can think of all data of students and staff, files of incidents at schools, contact with institutions such as suppliers, police, municipalities, and the province. Zivver became even more important during the pandemic and lessons had to be offered remotely. Suddenly almost everything had to be shared digitally". Fortunately, Zivver was already well integrated in our organization. 

Reasons to use Zivver:

  • Minimizing the risk of data leaks
  • Greater awareness among employees
  • Better control of privacy-sensitive digital information flows

How exactly does the use of Zivver work for an educational institution such as Curio? 

Zivver enables Curio to send privacy-sensitive data digitally in a secure manner.

"Zivver's software offers many functionalities that relieve the organization of the need to send and receive privacy-sensitive information digitally.
In addition, it provides extra awareness among employees because of the real-time alerts by Zivver.  Joris: "There's a group of regular Zivver users within our organization. They have functions in which a lot of privacy-sensitive information is shared, such as human resource management, IT, teachers and marketing. Every month, Curio sends thousands of messages securely using Zivver - messages that were previously sent in a way that was not secure or compliant".


"As an educational institution, we are training the future of the Netherlands. This is one of the reasons why it is important for Curio to keep up with the times and digitize the organization. Zivver helps with this because data is no longer sent in an unsecured manner. Digital, but safe," says Joris Weel.  

This results of using Zivver:

  • Good onboarding and training
  • Awareness among employees
  • Helps with digitization within the organization
  • Being able to share digitally sensitive information saves a lot of time

Ultimately, using Zivver also saves employees a lot of time because the platform is used properly. This is also why Joris Weel would recommend Zivver:
"The wide range of possibilities ensures that Zivver can be used as efficiently as possible for any type of organization. As far as I am concerned, this is one of the most important reasons for recommending Zivver to other organizations, particularly educational institutions".

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