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Send communications securely when using Gmail


"Zivver’s integration with Gmail means our staff hardly needed to adjust their way of working, and now emails can be sent securely to both internal and external contacts."

Danielle Gérard, Project Manager


Customer Case: national care organization Buurtzorg

Buurtzorg is a large national care organization consisting of small, independent teams providing nursing and personal care services in the Netherlands. Working with self-managing teams, means that the specific wishes and needs of the client must be met. Daniëlle Gérard, Project Manager, explains why they chose Zivver.

“Because we are a national organization, we had to deal with many different types and providers of secure mail systems, with all kinds of working methods, login methods, and so on. This is of course far from ideal. This manifested itself in considerable frustration, as employees lost time in their day when trying to send privacy-sensitive information. Additionally, some systems were simply too complicated to use and not always secure enough.”

  • Employees: 14,000+
  • Industry: Healthcare

What secure communication solutions does Buurtzorg use? 

  • mail-icon Zivver Mail
  • mail-icon Zivver File Transfer
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Email safely from Gmail

“With Zivver, we opted for one 'universal' system for all our employees and teams, which can be used to send emails securely to all addresses, also to people outside the organization. Our employees know Gmail and use it already. It was therefore important for us to have this integration when choosing a platform. We didn’t want to burden employees who are not used to working with computers with a complicated software solution.

“Thanks to Zivver’s integration with Gmail, our staff hardly needed to adjust their way of working, but now we are able to ensure that communications can be sent securely to both internal and external contacts. The "Safe mail button" with Zivver makes it possible to send email messages - with attachments - in a simple and secure way."

Reasons to use Zivver:

  • Minimize the risk of data leaks
  • Comply with laws and regulations (for example NTA 7516 and the GDPR)
  • Increase awareness among employees on how to communicate securely
  • An easy-to-use solution for non "tech-savvy" users

“Within our organization of self-managing teams, we have posted messages about the implementation of Zivver on the internal "communication square". On top of that, webinars were organized by Anna Nevskaja, Zivver's Senior Project Lead Implementation. These webinars can also be accessed in our internal Learning Environment. There is also comprehensive documentation available for reference. So far, the integration has gone quite smoothly. We are very satisfied with that!”

Emails and files are now sent securely 

Regional care must comply with laws and regulations (for example NTA 7516 in the Netherlands and the GDPR). Our employees who have very limited experience using technology can easily work with Zivver. There is increased awareness through Zivver’s real-time alerts when users are emailing, to ensure that communications can be properly secured.


Anna Nevskaja, Zivver's Senior Project Lead Implementation, looks back with satisfaction on the rapid implementation of Zivver at Buurtzorg: "In addition to the user training, Buurtzorg was also one of our first customers to follow our new Help Desk training. With this training, their help desk employees were well prepared for user questions and troubleshooting. Also, the large roll-out of the Zivver Gmail extension to more than 14,000 employees went smoothly without a single escalation to Zivver."

Gérard concludes: “Zivver is a simple system. The real-time alerts for our employees is very important to us and helps to improve overall awareness. The big advantage of Zivver is that the recipient of a message doesn’t have to be a Zivver user. This means we can easily communicate with organizations outside of Buurtzorg - and spend the time more efficiently providing care.”

Communicate safely with Gmail

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