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Safeguard patient privacy with enhanced email protection


“Now our employees can securely send privacy-sensitive information to anyone. This can be done safely and efficiently, creating a frictionless experience.”

Colette Haddon, Application and system administrator,
Bergman Clinics


Customer Case: Bergman Clinics

Bergman Clinics is the largest network of clinics for elective medical care in the Netherlands. Bergman Clinics has over 700 employees, with an expected expansion to 40 clinics and more than 1,500 employees in the coming years. The central IT department is also housed at the head office in Naarden, where Colette Haddon is active as a functional application and system manager. As project leader she was responsible for the implementation of Zivver at Bergman Clinics.

  • Employees: 700+
  • Industry: Healthcare

Which secure communication solutions does Bergman Clinics use?

  • mail-icon Zivver Mail
  • mail-icon Zivver File Transfer
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The challenge:

Safeguarding patient privacy has always been incredibly important for the chain of Bergman health care clinics. Their patients expected that their private information would remain confidential, especially when sensitive information was communicated via email. The clinics entrusted their staff to not make any errors when sending patient data, but there was always a possibility that this could occur, we all make mistakes occasionally.

Why Zivver?

The IT department for the health care clinics researched potential solutions for the challenges they faced. What helped set Zivver apart is that they understood that a solution won’t achieve desired results if employees don’t want to work with it. Simple integrations with leading email clients such as Outlook and Gmail make Zivver easy for staff to use, from anywhere and on any device, without disrupting their daily work.

The solution:

The Zivver Mail and File Transfer service was implemented in close collaboration with the needs of the clinics along with their hosting service provider. Both the management and staff have been very positive regarding the impact of the new solution. Now the clinics can ensure that their patient data will be properly protected and that sensitive communications are sent in a secure and compliant way.

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