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Latest Data Security Research 2022 in the UK Healthcare Sector – Freedom to Focus

We commissioned one of the largest independent pieces of research into secure digital communications and productivity in the UK healthcare sector, working with industry experts to investigate the latest trends and insights. Read on to learn more.

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Delivering healthcare and digital security

Efficient and secure communications are critical in delivering the highest standard of healthcare. Encouraging different providers to work together throws a new challenge into the mix: how do they share sensitive information, such as patient records, securely?


When data protection is people protection

Email remains the preferred solution today. However, 46% of IT leaders refer to data loss through employee email errors as a security threat. It’s clear that IT leaders are aware of the risks - but do they know what to do about it?


Enhancing email with smart security

81% of employees consider email to be the most secure way of sending sensitive information. Email remains the most productive and efficient means of communication across a healthcare organization and, for the NHS, integrated care systems. All it needs is an effortless fix to ensure security and compliance.


Empowering smart digital communications in the healthcare sector

Being progressive means moving towards a stronger and better solution for all. 83% of IT leaders agree that employee email security errors can be reduced with smarter data security, making this a clear focus to improve patient care for IT leaders.

Get insight from healthcare industry experts

Meet our report contributors
Tania Palmariellodiviney, Information Governance and Data Protection Specialist

"Email is a trusted and proven tool. And armed with the right security layer, the NHS and patients can share sensitive information with confidence. This switches the responsibility away from people, and instead onto the supporting tech."

Liam Cahill, Founder and Digital Advisor, Together Digital

"Healthcare is a communications business, and in most services better communication will tangibly lead to better outcomes. Whether this is in reducing care silos, better supporting self-management, or freeing up time to provide more complex care through efficient support of those with more routine needs."

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