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User-friendly email security for the charity sector | Wellbeing Scotland

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Wellbeing Scotland is a voluntary organization providing holistic, trauma informed therapeutic services to children and adults, as well as training and development services, across Scotland.

We spoke to Scot Millar, Access to Records Team Leader, about the role Zivver plays in protecting data for the organization:

“We support adult survivors of childhood abuse to recover historic records to support their applications to Scotland’s Redress Scheme. We handle a significant volume of record transfer and, historically, we were dissatisfied at the options available to us, for example password protecting documents, relying on some clunky processes and traditional low-level IT skills, tools, and infrastructure. We wanted to move to a system that provided more protection for people’s personal and sensitive data, and supported our staff in working efficiently, without compromising on their workflows with complex tools.”

“We choose Zivver over other established providers of secure email solutions because it was very clear that the solution delivered on everything we needed. We had three priorities; the ability to encrypt sensitive emails, the ability to send large files, and it needed to be user-friendly, for our staff and our external stakeholders. Zivver ticks the boxes.”

“As a charity, we are aware that our digital skillset isn’t as advanced as other organisations. As such, we needed to prioritise user-experience. We offer hybrid and remote working to a vast team of counselors and support workers. The counseling world has existed in pen and paper for such a long time that implementing new technology can cause a lot of anxiety. The great thing about Zivver is that it doesn’t change the functionality of email; you start an email in the same environment, draft it as usual, attach files in the normal way. As an integration, it is seamless.”

“We use the Outlook plug-in. When managing client records, we can share files containing thousands of pages. Historically, transferring this file size was challenging. We used to have to chop files up and share across multiple emails, which only increases risk.”

“We engage with over 270 data controllers across Scotland and the UK and have dealt with over 3,000 data requests in the past two years. We engage with local authorities, Police Scotland, national records, archive centers, NHS entities, religious organisations - anywhere that has a footprint in the Scottish care system, we engage with. The fact that Zivver makes receiving sensitive information easy for recipients was absolutely essential for us.”

“Prior to introducing Zivver, I’d say we were very aware of the negative aspects of security. Zivver has alleviated a lot of stress surrounding security; I have seen anxiety levels drop, which has freed up mental capacity for other critical tasks in the team. We understand the tool and we trust it. It means people can focus on their day to day jobs; it has revolutionised how we process sensitive data. People come to me on a weekly basis and say they love Zivver because it’s so easy to use.”

“We tailored Zivver’s business rules so they alert users to very specific kinds of data before sending emails. When you’re engaging with hundreds of different recipients for one case, autofill makes sending emails to the wrong person a very easy mistake to make. Zivver is a safety net for human error.”

“In the reporting suite, I can identify whether emails have been received, opened etc. Having access to this information is really helpful.”

“Zivver enables us to protect emails with multi factor authentication, so we use organisational access codes, and sometimes email verification codes, too, striking the balance between user-friendliness and security.”

“We work with a consultant DPO who has been very supportive of our shift towards a secure email environment. She was immensely impressed with Zivver’s functionality and what the solution does for us and has supported us in writing a statement to detail the process we went through to adopt Zivver, assuring our stakeholders of the role Zivver plays in our data loss prevention strategy.”

“Scotland’s main archive center, National Records of Scotland, couldn’t be more complimentary of our adoption of a secure email solution. By their own admission, Zivver has added a few additional stages to their side of the process when communicating with us, but they understand why that’s a critical step today.”

“We overcame an initial bump in the road which concerned some confusion around the IT requirements for the integration and go live. But working with the Customer Success team, we overcame those challenges and after that, it was seamless.”

“We would usually refer to Zivver as an application or programme, but I've fallen into the language of referring to it as a solution - because that’s exactly what it is, it solves problems and holds our hand through the web of cybersecurity.”

First published - 8/6/23
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