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Protecting sensitive patient data on the go: RST Care Providers

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RST Care Providers provides quality, affordable home and maternity care to meet every patient’s specific needs. Ensuring their people are empowered to work efficiently and happily is a priority for the leadership team, and they leverage smart technology to continually improve the quality of care services they deliver.

The ability to email sensitive data securely is integral to patient care. The ICT team set about finding an email security solution which would enable compliance with data protection regulations whilst keeping workflows effortless for employees, patients and other stakeholders.

Philip Gerritsen, ICT specialist at RST Care Providers, explains how the team decided on Zivver: "First of all, we formulated what the solution for secure mail had to meet because encrypting information alone is not enough. Two of the solutions we considered didn’t meet our needs - one was unstable, and the other fell short of some requirements. For example, we need legal proof of delivery for our emails to the correct recipients and alternative suppliers lacked this functionality. And, of course, user-friendliness had to be optimal."

Streamlined implementation

Care workers at RST Care Providers need to be able to email securely whilst on the go, and regularly rely on smartphones and tablets to share sensitive data.

"Especially in these situations, we want to be sure that employees can send information securely with the click of a button, without needing to navigate outside of their email client and Zivver empowers this.”

“We are very pleased with the way the implementation went. It is obvious that Zivver has been developed with the needs of healthcare organizations in mind. The entire process was very streamlined. During a few sessions, it became clear how we wanted the environment to be set up; now we have a solution that fits well with our way of working."

Control is the user’s hands

RST Care Providers went live with ZIvver in April 2022. "We first introduced Zivver to a small number of people, just to gauge the response, which was positive. Then we pushed it out to a larger group of care workers to gain their feedback which was also great. We know that the best response to a new application is a minimal response because then you know it just works."

At RST Care Providers, 650 employees will start using Zivver. As an ICT specialist, Gerritsen knows that a new solution hinges on user acceptance:

"Currently, half of this group is using Zivver Secure Email, with the rest to follow later this year. Whereas in automation you want to standardize, or make it logical, in healthcare you have to recognize that there are many exceptions. Almost every client and situation is unique, and the system has to be able to deal with that. The management of Zivver is automated as much as possible, but when using it, the care worker remains in charge. They ultimately decide whether information should be sent securely. This is possible with Zivver; this solution does not hinder but is supportive and flexible. That is crucial."

First published - 31/08/20
Last updated - 01/10/21
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