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Streamlining email security in Gmail | Haagsch Recherchebureau

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Haagsch Recherchebureau is a private detective agency providing corporate, fraud and private investigative services across the Netherlands. We spoke to Founder and Tactical Detective, Jan-Paul Kreukniet, to understand how the agency prioritizes data protection for their clients, and the role of Zivver in communicating securely:

“We started using a free version of Zivver and recently switched to the premium package to make the most of the full suite of functionality for the whole team. We use the Gmail integration, which enhances the Gmail environment with advanced encryption, so we can send and receive emails securely. Zivver also enables single sign-on, keeping things really straight forward and efficient.”

“Our agency handles lots of different kinds of sensitive information and we need to be compliant with the GDPR. Zivver provides reports detailing when emails have been received and accessed which is particularly helpful for our investigations, as well as from a compliance perspective.”

“When onboarding a new client, we request all available information, like police reports, CCTV footage, timelines, and pictures. With Zivver, we can send a link to the client, which enables them to share attachments with us securely. This is really easy for the client; we have a custom branded portal complete with our agency branding, which provides a professional touch early on in the client’s engagement with us. We can ascertain when emails were sent encrypted, and whether they have been forwarded, too.”

“We are mainly focussed on corporate investigations, so it’s important for us to be able guarantee any data being shared with clients or other stakeholders is secured. Zivver is very useful for us for sending interview invites, as well as for sharing large files; for example, CCTV footage. We use multi factor authentication to prevent unauthorised access to emails and attachments and have applied a 30 day expiration period on our attachments, ensuring it is unavailable after that.”

“We know that mistakes can happen sometimes. Zivver is a great safety net; it notifies users to the presence of sensitive data and stops people sharing sensitive information without the appropriate security measures in place.”

“My team loves Zivver, it’s very easy to use. Recipients and clients have also fed back to us that they like Zivver; they are reassured that we take data protection seriously, and the experience for non-Zivver users - such as our clients - is really smooth.”

First published - 8/6/23
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