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Enabling email security with DLP Gateway | Elker jeugdhulp & onderwijs

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Elker jeugdhulp & onderwijs supports parents, children and schools across the Northern Netherlands. Delivering specialist help, assistance and educational support, the organization is dedicated to improving outcomes for young people. With a number of employees working remotely, the team needed a flexible, automated security solution to protect sensitive data in email, regardless of device or location.

We spoke to Marjolein Haulussy, Finance Manager, and Martijn Nieuwendijk, IT Specialist, to learn how Zivver is supporting the team:

“Before turning to Zivver, we had an encryption solution but we also needed other technical solutions, like sending large files.”

“We chose Zivver in part because it is a very popular, reputable solution in the healthcare industry. Many of our partners and agencies use Zivver. It is known for being user friendly, feature rich, and supports compliance with the NTA 7516.”

Enabling encryption as a standard

“All employees use Zivver Secure Email in Outlook, and a smaller number of users also use Zivver’s DLP Gateway solution,” Marjolein explains. “Anyone who uses a company mobile, such as our executive team or employees working in the field with clients, can email as usual from their phone, with the confidence that any sensitive information they handle is encrypted.”

“DLP Gateway works by integrating into Outlook and identifying sensitive data in emails, including attachments; if Zivver detects sensitive data, the email is automatically encrypted.” Martijn explains. “This ensures the relevant security protocols are followed, such as 2FA, without any interference from the employee.”

“In this way, DLP Gateway makes doing the right thing simple for employees. It alleviates pressure on busy people and ensures that, even if they are using personal devices, employees are emailing securely. As long as they have the organization’s email client application installed on their device, sensitive emails are sent securely.”

80% acceptance rate of error prevention notifications

Martijn explains how Zivver’s machine learning powered engine provides accurate and reliable notifications to prevent human errors:

“Zivver alerts employees to risks while they are drafting emails. For example, Zivver detects if an employee has included a recipient in the ‘to’ field who hasn’t previously received sensitive data. For autofill errors, this functionality is very useful. It enables users to take action before hitting ‘send’.”

“These notifications are powered by Zivver’s business rules which learn from user behavior over time. We see that 80% of notifications are being actioned by employees, which suggests they are not only accurate, but they are helping people to avoid data leaks, too."

Two-way secure email

“Zivver integrates 2FA into email, and 74% of our recipients are using a code received by text message to authenticate their identities in order to access email. 2FA is a pretty standard security protocol now, and one which supports us in meeting our compliance responsibilities,” says Martijn.

“We exchange a lot of sensitive data, documents and files with third party agencies, including municipalities, for client agreements and also larger contracts for the region. We also engage with medical companies and need to send and receive client medical and healthcare data, as well as information about our services and providers.”

“As such, our partners need to be able to send sensitive data to us securely, from outside of the organization. Zivver’s Conversation Starter solution enables this. We host a form on our website which people can complete, and the data is received securely to a shared mailbox. Or, even more useful, users can simply reply to our emails securely.”

“Access to data on how Zivver is being used and employee behavior is also particularly useful from a compliance perspective. The fact that we can see how many users are sending emails securely or acting on Zivver’s notifications - these reports support us in being accountable and transparent on how we handle sensitive information.”

Reliable support and smooth implementation

“We have been particularly impressed with the Zivver support team.” Says Marjolein. “They are responsive and were quick to respond to support tickets related to some minor teething issues. The communication is great and the implementation was smooth. We had plenty of time to test with a pilot group and to leverage the help from our project leader who had a great overview of what we needed to do and helped us get this over the line. Zivver has a very professional approach in general. We feel in safe hands!”

First published - 28/5/24
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