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Secure, digital COVID-19 test result delivery: COVID-19 Sneltest

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At the height of the pandemic, more than a third of all COVID-19 tests in the Netherlands were performed by private healthcare organizations. Due to their quick turn-around with results, private test centers were particularly handy for employers and holidaymakers, with many organizations promising to communicate the results within one hour.

“Some things shouldn’t be over complicated,” Says Ashmini Mangroelal, from COVID-19 Sneltest. “These days, everyone has access to a mobile phone and an email address. Sharing results in this way means they can be delivered safely and quickly. This process is very user-friendly for the individual receiving their results. In the end, of course, that’s what it’s all about!”

Tried and tested security

Covid19 Sneltest, an initiative of BuroVitaal, focuses on employees (often through their employer) and individuals experiencing COVID-19 symptoms. Individuals can be tested at BuroVitaal test locations in Zwolle, Meppel, Apeldoorn, and Amsterdam. An RIVM-validated Corona Rapid Test is taken, and the tested individuals receive the results within an hour via Zivver.

“If you promise you’ll share the result with the person being tested, it’s hard to avoid using email,” Ashmini Mangroelal explained. “Because we are dealing with the processing of personally identifiable information and the GDPR laws and regulations, and the NTA 7516, it is important that test results are encrypted and shared only with the correct recipient.” 

“When registering for a rapid test, it must include a personal six digit number and the email address of the person being tested. This is essential for sharing the result. On arrival at the test location, the patient confirms their information is correct; after testing, the result is shared within one hour by secure email using Zivver.”

“In addition, there are test centers in good contact with GGDs. In the instance of a positive test result, our doctor should pass it on to the GGD in the region concerned. The doctor makes these reports once a day. This is how the GGDs keep an overview of positive tested persons. They can then get to work with source and contact tracing, if possible.”

Easy access when it matters most

“The tested person will receive an email from Zivver. To gain access to their result, they must input a personal code; this ensures only the correct patient has access to the data. They receive the code via SMS and, once entered, they can view their test result. Therefore, Zivver plays a crucial role in our organization.”

Ashmini Mangroelal concludes: “We would definitely recommend Zivver. It is a user-friendly, time-saving system that handles personal data well. And we were up and running in no time!”

First published - 31/08/20
Last updated - 01/10/21
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