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Leading digital security best practice by example: Agency DNA

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Agency DNA is a business management consultancy providing expertise in areas including system strategy development, financial management, project management, resourcing, and planning systems selection. The team encourages their clients to embrace technologies which add significant value and enable sustainable, secure business growth.
“We act as business system advisory and implementation consultants which requires data to be shared with us that is both proprietary and requires handling under GDPR. We do use a cloud file storage service, but this is not always practical or expedient, especially for time-pressed clients for whom it is quicker to attach covering messages to files being sent in an email. We needed an easy solution to adopt and self-setup.”

As such, Agency DNA understands the importance of practicing what they preach on the matters of data security and compliance. Ensuring their digital communications are secure is a priority. Agency DNA chose Zivver Secure Email and File Transfer to empower employees to achieve effortless digital communication security. 

We spoke to Chris Lever, Director of Agency DNA, to find out how Zivver enhances their client services. Agency DNA chose Zivver Secure Email and File Transfer to empower employees to achieve effortless digital communication security.

“We’ve set the default option to “Off” within Outlook, which means we can be selective about which emails need to be sent securely, and actually makes us think more about the detail we are putting into our email messages, and whether they should be sent securely or not.”

Ensuring compliance

With Zivver in place, employees at Agency DNA can more easily comply with data protection regulations such as the DPA and GDPR. Real time alerts empower employees to act securely, in the moment, and catch potential mistakes in their communications before sending, preventing costly data leaks. People also save time by being able to safely send information digitally to clients and other contacts instead of using other methods of sending.

“Zivver is an essential tool for any organization looking to easily add a layer of security to their business communications. The service is one we’d highly recommend and gives peace of mind at a reasonable price.”

First published - 31/08/20
Last updated - 01/10/21
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