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“Zivver is very simple for anyone to use.  It’s intuitive and helps drive better decision-making among staff when handling privacy-sensitive data”

Patrick Boon, Project Manager Information Provisioning
(previous role)


Customer Case: Epe municipality (local council)

Epe municipality has always taken information security and privacy very seriously and recognised the importance of the human element in managing that risk. This needed improved staff awareness and training to ensure strong security practices were followed in practice. They therefore started a staff training programme to increase awareness of best practices and risks when sharing sensitive information. But they also recognised that whatever technical solution was in place needed to be simple and intuitive. That’s where Zivver came in.

  • Employees: 200+
  • Industry: Local government

Which secure communication solutions does the Epe local council use?

  • mail-icon Zivver Mail
  • mail-icon Zivver File Transfer
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The challenge:

Zivver turned out as the best option for the challenges they faced. Users receive real time alerts when handling privacy-sensitivity information while emailing. These are triggered via out-of-the-box data classifiers, which can be customised as needed.

For instance, when the term National Identification Number is used in an email, a notification pops up immediately, informing the user that they are possibly working with privacy-sensitive information that must be sent securely. This helps to raise staff awareness on a continuous basis.

The challenge;

  • Minimizing the risk of data leaks
  • Raise employee awareness on handling privacy-sensitive information

The solution:

As a SaaS solution, Zivver’s actual implementation was fast and simple. Patrick Boon said the following about the experience: “We integrated Zivver with our Outlook and it went smoothly. We find that Zivver is extraordinarily simple to use and helps guide better decision-making and awareness. The dashboard, in which all activities can be monitored, is also a welcome feature.”

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