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How smart technology is stopping outbound data leaks

As reported by the ICO last year, over 80% of data leaks are caused by human error, including sending information to the wrong person, mistakenly attaching a sensitive document, and incorrect use of Bcc and CC. These are real issues which continue to hit businesses and the headlines, and need to be tackled to help prevent costly data leaks, reputational damage, and fines.

Hear from industry experts including Duncan Brown, Vice President, European Enterprise Research at IDC, Barry Moult, Director at BJM IG Privacy Ltd, Rick Goud, Chief Innovation Officer & Co-Founder, Zivver, and Robert Fleming, Chief Marketing Officer & Head of Product Management at Zivver, as we discuss how smart technology is stopping outbound data breaches and securing your most sensitive information before, during and after emails are sent.

Effortlessly smart,
simple & secure.

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We shall show you how to effortlessly:

  • How to send secure email with unparalleled encryption
  • Transfer large files up to 5TB effortlessly
  • How to seamlessly integrate Zivver in your existing email client
  • Ensure compliance and prevent data leaks at all times
  • Empower secure work with maximum effectiveness and minimal disruption
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