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10 reasons to choose Zivver | What sets our email security solutions apart from the rest

In the world of data security, prevention is key. That’s why over 10,000 organizations worldwide trust Zivver to prevent the leading causes of data leaks. In many cases, security leaders have turned to Zivver to replace outdated and clunky data loss prevention (DLP) solutions. Here’s why:

What does an email security solution need to do?

Regardless of size or sector, organizations need three things from an email security solution:

  1. A seamless user experience for both users and recipients
  2. Intuitive, all-encompassing security protocols and features
  3. Flexible functionality to protect data before, during, and after sending

Only by ticking all three boxes can security leaders be confident their security solution is robust enough to meet compliance with evolving data protection legislation, such as the upcoming NIS2 legislation.

The effortless way to share sensitive data

Zivver isn't just a substitute for standard email security solutions. Balancing user-experience and smart functionality, Zivver Secure Email empowers users with a suite of tools designed to streamline email security and Large File Transfer, and guarantees the utmost confidentiality of sensitive information.

10 reasons to choose Zivver:

1. Worldwide adoption:

Our reputation speaks for itself, with over 8,000 organizations globally choosing Zivver across both public and private sectors (including healthcare, legal and financial industries).

2. Gartner recognition - A mark of excellence:

Zivver has been recognized as a Representative Vendor for Email Data Protection three times in the Gartner Market Guide for Email Security report.

3. Targets the leading cause of data leaks - human error:

Emails sent to the wrong recipient, misuse of Bcc, failure to redact - Zivver prevents the leading causes of data leaks with unrivaled functionality and user-friendly tools.

4. Effortless user experience:

Unlike our competitors, we make doing the right thing simple for users. With seamless integration with existing workflows and email clients, employees don’t need to jump through hoops to email securely, making Zivver a solution people want to use.

5. Enhanced secure file sharing capabilities:

Large file? No sweat. Zivver enables secure file sharing up to 5TB directly from your email client without impacting the mailbox storage capacity of the sender or receiver.

6. Compliance at the core:

Designed with compliance in mind, Zivver supports organizations operating within regulated industries and under data protection laws including (but not limited to) the GDPR, NTA 7516, HIPAA, NIS2 and more. 

7. Two-factor authentication (2FA):

We all rely on 2FA to protect applications and accounts containing sensitive information - why not expect the same level of security from your emails? Zivver enables users to apply 2FA preventing unauthorized access to sensitive data.

8. Seamless integration:

Zivver integrates seamlessly with popular email clients and platforms, including M365 and Gmail, making email security absolutely effortless for employees and their recipients. 

9. Smart tech for modern workplaces:

Changing habits can be hard, which is why our security solutions are designed to simplify workflows whilst prioritizing security at every step. Zivver offers a compliant, effortless solution to replace outdated traditional methods of communication including fax and post

10. Award winning solution:

Winner of PICCASO Privacy Award’s Most Impactful Privacy Product of the Year 2022 (and shortlisted for 2023 - watch this space), we’re breaking new ground with our intuitive, effortless email security solutions. 

Zivver has been recognised as a Representative Vendor for Email Data Protection three times in the Gartner Market Guide for Email Security Report.   

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Learn how Zivver is empowering thousands of organizations to protect their sensitive data in our customer stories. Or, to find out how we can support your organization, speak to a security expert.

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Last updated - 23/05/24
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