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A robust encrypted solution that ensures only the sender and recipient can access a message


“Zivver helps us manage the less-structured data streams that run via email.”

Jaap de Jonge, Policy Officer, Hof van Twente (local council)


Customer Case: Hof van Twente municipality (local council)

Hof van Twente was in daily contact with many external partners, including GPs, healthcare organisations and other professionals and it was crucial that sending both internal and external emails could be done securely. This is not only important as a GDPR requirement, but also to help sustain public trust by properly protecting sensitive data.

  • Employees: 270+
  • Industry: Local government

Which secure communication solutions does the Hof van Twente local council use?

  • mail-icon Zivver Mail
  • mail-icon Zivver File Transfer
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The challenge:

With Zivver, strong authentication means that no one but the sender and the recipient can access a message. Messages containing sensitive content, such as National Identification Numbers and personal data, are sent with best-in-class encryption, so hackers can’t read them either.

The service is designed to support the sender in determining whether to send a message securely, depending on the email content.

Real time alerts prevent users from emailing the wrong person, or sending incorrect attachments, the top causes for data leaks. Zero-access key management ensures the council has full control of their data.

The solution:

All project timelines were successfully met and the deployment went smoothly. Now the local council has advanced email data protection that helps them stay connected with internal and external contacts in a safe and compliant way. External contacts can safely reply to messages, while staff no longer need to use another solution for sending large attachments, and use Zivver to send any file securely up to 5,000 GB.

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