Benoît Folens

"We are a hospital with one speciality, namely psychiatric care. The patient's name, connected to our institution, reveals a particularly sensitive health issue."

Benoît Folens, Directeur Général CNP Saint-Martin Namur

CNP Saint-Martin

For over 100 years, the Centre Neuro Psychiatrique Saint-Martin in Dave, Belgium, near Namur, has been providing high-quality psychiatric care. Depending on the situation, both short and long-term treatments are provided at five different locations in Wallonia. Pierre Wautier, CISO (Conseiller en sécurité de l’information) explains why his organization decided to use Zivver.

  • Employees: 600+
  • Industry: Healthcare

Centre Neuro Psychiatrique Saint-Martin uses:

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The challenge:

"We are a hospital with one speciality, namely psychiatric care. Our experts treat a diverse patient population; from depression to eating disorders and addictions, but we also offer forensic psychiatry, for example. In addition, the patient's name, connected to our institution, reveals a particularly sensitive health issue. It would be a major disaster for the reputation of our clinic if this type of information were to inadvertently become public. Of course, the impact it could have on patients is also incalculable."

Wautier continues: "In addition to providing care, the Saint-Martin Neuro Psychiatric Centre has been involved in European mental health research projects for over ten years. Gradually, this involvement has helped to create a solid international network of healthcare institutions, academic partners, researchers, companies and start-ups active in the healthcare sector. These contacts are often located outside Belgium, which is why email is the easiest way for us to communicate with them. But 'regular' email cannot guarantee that this information is sent safely from point A to B". 

"Before using Zivver, we had the ability to encrypt an attachment, but we had no control over the use of this functionality or the ability to prevent data leaks. Centre Neuro Psychiatrique Saint-Martin really needed a solution that would secure email data before, during and after transmission".

The solution:

Wautier: "The solution came in the form of Zivver's Secure Emailing software. Now with Zivver, we can solve the following challenges: 

  • Minimize the risk of data leaks
  • GDPR compliance
  • Better control of privacy-sensitive data flows 
  • User-friendly solution for non-technical users
  • Ability to recall emails after they have been sent 
  • Secure information exchange due to the Zivver alerts/alarms and data classification

The implementation was done swiftly. "After the implementation in the clinic and concise training from Zivver, the software was quickly adopted in the organization and integrated into our day-to-day operations. The collaboration with Zivver, even done remotely due to the pandemic, went exceptionally well without any issues". 

The results: 

The employees of the clinic communicate in French, English, and Dutch. Zivver's software scans the emails and attachments in all these languages while the email is being composed. Sector-specific business rules ensure that the right security level is applied to each message, every time, and can be easily adjusted as needed. These rules help maintain control over information security while meeting legal requirements. For example, employees are reminded on a daily basis how to handle privacy-sensitive information with Zivver’s alerts, which fosters better decision-making. 

Zivver is also helpful to communicate with the European network. "Privacy-sensitive data can also be shared securely with these external partners. Recipients don’t have to create a Zivver account, but must first authenticate themselves. In this way, it’s user-friendly and guaranteed to be safe while also complying with European privacy legislation (GDPR).

Benoît Folens, Director General CNP Saint-Martin Namur, adds: "What is the ultimate benefit of using Zivver? It will help our organization to further digitize and innovate. Secure digital communication flows ultimately contribute to providing better care. Things can be discussed and shared digitally more quickly, and patients can rest assured that their data is safe with us".  

The main reasons for recommending Zivver to other healthcare organizations in Belgium are, according to Pierre Wautier:

  • Better control over privacy-sensitive data and online communication
  • Zivver’s integrations mean we don't have to change the way we work to be able to email securely
  • Zivver’s real time alerts raise awareness among employees about the safe sharing of privacy-sensitive information. This aspect is very important for the future of our clinic and protecting our reputation!

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