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Buurtzorg: "Zivver's integration with Gmail meant that our employees hardly needed to change their way of working, but now they communicate securely.”

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Nationale-Nederlanden (NN) Mail

NN: " The steps we are taking today in the field of digitization and privacy are important for the future."

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JenV: "People must have confidence that the ministry will handle their personal data with the highest level of security"

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AT Osborne: "Before Zivver, we were sharing a lot of sensitive information via USB stick or by email in an unsafe way."

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Fetal Medicine Centre Mail

Fetal Medicine Centre: “ Zivver has really helped our company avoid any confidentiality breaches by offering a safe way for staff to send sensitive information via email. ”

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Schouten Zekerheid Mail

Schouten Zekerheid:"The introduction of a secure emailing solution across our organization turned out to be easier than we expected, also for our IT department."

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"Zivver is a big step forward in terms of ease of use compared to our previous secure communication solution."

Reinhart Maertens, CIO at Antwerp University Hospital (UZA)

Agency DNA Mail

Agency DNA: "Zivver is an essential tool for any organization looking to add a layer of security to their business communications."

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Youth Protection Overijssel Mail

JbOV: "We wanted the most complete and also simplest secure communication solution on the market."

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Antwerp University Hospital Mail

UZA: "If we want to avoid data leaks, exchanging sensitive information must be done in a secure and controlled manner.”

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Bergman clinics: "Our employees can securely send privacy-sensitive information to anyone safely and efficiently, creating a frictionless experience.”

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Epe council: "Zivver is very simple for anyone to use. It’s intuitive and helps drive better decision-making and awareness among staff."

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