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Thousands of organizations use Zivver every day to safeguard sensitive communications


Large enterprises, healthcare institutions, higher education facilities, financial or legal firms, public service organisations and small businesses have ample reasons these days to optimize their data security. We asked customers to explain why they use Zivver and share their own personal experiences.

  • Employees: 1780 
  • Students: 22,000 
  • Sector: Education

Curio uses Zivver for:

  • mail-icon Safe email
  • mail-icon Safe File Transfer
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Higher education institutions store lots of personal data, how can they safeguard it?

Joris Weel, the CISO for Curio, was seeking a solution to address this very problem.

“In education you can think of all the data relating to students and staff, files of events at schools, contact with institutions such as suppliers, police, municipalities and the government. Zivver became increasingly important when the COVID-19 pandemic took hold and we had to transition quickly to remote lessons. Suddenly almost everything had to be shared digitally.”

“There are nearly 100 regular Zivver users within our organization. They have roles in which a lot of privacy-sensitive information is shared, such as human resource management, IT, teachers and marketing. Every month at Curio, hundreds of messages are sent securely with Zivver, which previously were sent without proper safety measures in place.”

“As an educational institution, we are helping to shape the future society of the Netherlands. Partly for this reason, it’s imperative for Curio to keep up with the times and to facilitate digitalization within the organization where possible. Zivver helps to achieve this because their platform ensures that data is sent securely. This means we can send information digitally, but safely.” Joris Weel.

"With Zivver, our staff can safely send communications digitally, from anywhere."

Ultimately, the use of Zivver also saves employees time during their work day, because the platform works so effectively. This is another reason why Joris Weel recommends Zivver to others: “The wide range of options ensures that Zivver can be used as efficiently as possible at any type of organization. In my opinion, that’s one of the main reasons for recommending Zivver, especially to other educational institutions.”

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Local municipalities are changing how they communicate with constituents

Sector: Local municipalities

Eindhoven municipality uses Zivver for:

  • mail-icon Safe email
  • mail-icon Safe File Transfer
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The municipality of Eindhoven in the Netherlands recognized the growing need to send more of their communications digitally, while also being aware of the associated risks that it entails. Many people today prefer to receive correspondence by email where possible instead of snail mail, something they had been hearing from their constituents. Not only is it faster to send a communication by email or file transfer, but it’s more environmentally-friendly as well and can save on costs. 

The municipality decided to investigate potential solutions to help them safeguard data and facilitate secure ways of communicating digitally in their organization. After assessing several options, the municipality selected Zivver as their desired solution because of its robust authentication and security alongside the fact that it’s very easy for people to use, even if they aren’t exactly tech-savvy.

Zivver’s safe communication platform helps employees be more aware of privacy risks through automated recognition of sensitive content in a message or file. The smart technology software also verifies whether it’s safe to send a certain type of content to a selected recipient. When sending an attachment containing personal information, such as birth registration papers, it’s important to ensure it’s sent to the correct recipient and not another resident with a similar name. If there appears to be a mismatch, real-time alerts notify the user before sending so they can take corrective action if necessary. 

Zero-access encryption and two-factor authentication keep hackers and other unwanted parties at bay. If a user manages to make a mistake along the way, they can instantly revoke access to the message and prevent a potential data leak. Detailed user and audit logs provide information on who had access to the message and when, and helps organizations stay firmly in control of their data.

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