3 ways Conversation Starter could benefit your organization

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Enhancing your email with secure technology is crucial for protecting businesses from data breaches caused by human error, such as misaddressed email and failure to use BCC. 

Zivver’s Conversation Starter enables external stakeholders to email organizations securely by applying advanced security measures to every message and attachment. The functionality applies the same advanced security features provided in Zivver Secure Email and Secure File Transfer, empowering a seamless user experience and improving communication flows. 

Here are three ways Conversation Starter can benefit your organization:

1. Smooth guest experience

With no need to sign up for a Zivver account, recipients aren't required to remember passwords. And, with multi-factor authentication codes sent straight to user mobile numbers, accessing data is simple. Users can trust that their data is protected, and employees can ensure only the appropriate recipient is accessing sensitive information. 

2. Efficient communication

By giving external parties the ability to initiate secure communications with your organization, employees don’t need to explain to their stakeholders how to email securely.  

Depending on their preference, organizations can include a link in email signatures or a button on their website, enabling external contacts to start secure communications and send documents securely. 

3. Total control

Conversation Starter gives organizations control over incoming information, enabling them to choose the personal or departmental inbox external stakeholders can email to. This flexibility ensures that customers can contact a specific department easily and securely (for example, a complaints department, or for new patients). 

Additionally, with Conversation Starter users have peace of mind that their data has reached the correct place, with confirmation that their secure message has been received.

Loved by Zivver customers

Conversation Starter is the newly improved way for external parties to initiate secure communications with organizations, without the need to create Zivver accounts.

West Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust utilise Conversation Starter to enable patients to email securely into the hospital, improving communication flows and enhancing patient experience. 

“Conversation Starter enables external stakeholders to send information securely via a link. So, for example, in the instance of a legal claim, historically the user would send huge data sets of a patient’s information and medical history unsecurely to someone in the business. Now the person can click a link and share the data with us via Zivver - and they don’t need to create a Zivver account to do this.” Sarah Judge, Future System digital programme lead and deputy CIO


New and improved

Following customer feedback, Conversation Starter has recently been updated to include enhanced functionality such as customizable subject lines, expansive MFA options, and adding a number of quality of life improvements. 

 To learn more about Conversation Starter and Zivver’s secure communications platforms, book a demo today.

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Last updated - 20/11/23
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