Webinar | What Could Care Services Achieve With Zivver

When? Wednesday 17th May
11:00 AM BST/12:00 PM CET

We know that 'care' is not one thing but many differing, complex interactions that take place between clinicians, patients, colleagues, carers, parents, system partners, voluntary organisations to be genuinely successful. At the heart of much of this is communications, especially as we shift to care closer to, and inside, people's homes, and integrate our health systems.

This session Zivver's Oliver Brown will be joined by Liam Cahill, advisor to frontline and national teams around people led digital transformation, to focus on the role that technology is currently playing, or not playing, in supporting clinical services to functionally engage with, and support, their patients, and collaborate across system boundaries.

We'll seek to identify what is happening, what isn't happening, and draw inspiration from examples across integrating systems, primary and community care provision, and also outpatient services in acute hospital care.

Finally we'll discuss how Zivver is enabling healthcare organisations to deliver secure and accessible care interactions in a format that is familiar and supportive for clinicians.


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