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5 reasons housing associations choose Zivver

Housing associations need a simple, secure way of sharing sensitive data with service users, suppliers or government agencies. Zivver protects sensitive emails in M365 and Outlook, preventing employee mistakes and enabling one-click encryption.

1. Simple and secure for recipients

No Zivver account? No problem. We make receiving emails sent securely with Zivver as effortless as possible. So, for tenants or agency partners, we keep things super simple, with no need to create accounts or navigate portals.

“Unlike our old solution, with Zivver, recipients (non-Zivver users) do not need to create accounts to access secure emails. This is a great benefit of the solution.” Soha Housing


2. Integration with Outlook and M365

Email is king. Universal, accessible, easy - it works. But it isn’t secure. Enhance Outlook and M365 with Zivver, and email residents, colleagues, and external agencies as usual, with the extra support of zero-access encryption, multi-factor authentication and more. Security has never been this simple.

“Before turning to Zivver, we’d been using an alternative email security solution for approximately five years. For quite a few reasons, we were looking for an alternative and, for me, user experience was a priority. Zivver is an easy to use solution, for both employees and recipients; this is one of the reasons we chose Zivver.” Soha Housing

3. Recall you can rely on

Sent an email to the wrong person? Take a breath. Recalling an email with Zivver is easy, and doesn’t depend on time limits. We even make managing compliance and reporting on data incidents easy, with legal proof of delivery, and data logs to confirm who has and hasn’t accessed emails. 

4. Protect emails before, during and after sending

Wrong recipient, misuse of Bcc, sensitive data - Zivver is watching, ready to alert you to potential mistakes so you can take action:

  • Zero-access encryption - we don’t hold the keys 
  • MFA protects emails against unauthorized access
  • Expiration controls restrict access to emails and files 
  • Time stamping to ensure accountability

5. Send up to 5TB from you email client

Large file? No stress. With Zivver for M365 or Outlook, you can send up to 5TB securely. Add MFA, expiration controls, and one-click encryption to videos, images, or sensitive files and press ‘send’ with confidence - and then get on with your day.

  • Take the complex out of compliance with data logs, MFA, expiration controls and more
  • Protected with legal proof of delivery and time stamping 
  • Keep security simple and guarantee user adoption

Want to learn more about our Secure Email solution for social housing organisations? Speak to a member of our team or read our customer stories.

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Last updated - 24/11/23
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