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Zivver for Outlook Web Access (OWA)

When it comes to email security, there is no need to reinvent the wheel. Existing email clients are familiar, easy-to-use, and universal. Understandably, employees don’t want to adopt yet another new communications tool into their already busy workflows. 

Zivver integrates seamlessly with the Outlook Web Access (OWA), empowering users to email securely, effortlessly. Read on to learn how.

How the Zivver OWA add-in works

Zivver for OWA enhances basic email with advanced encryption, human error prevention tools, and large file transfer capabilities. Employees can share sensitive data with minimal fuss and zero frustration from their familiar email environment, safe in the knowledge that Zivver is on hand to prevent common mistakes:

  • Zivver operates silently in the background of Outlook. Always on but never in the way, employees can work without disruption, safe in the knowledge that Zivver will alert them to potential errors before they happen.
  • Zivver monitors the contents of emails and notifies users to the presence of sensitive data, incorrect recipients and more. Our out-of-the-box business rules can be enhanced with custom-built business rules, tailored to your organization's needs (e.g. NHS numbers, financial data, personally identifiable information). 
  • Securing emails before sending is easy for employees, with one click - or no click, if you’d prefer to automate encryption and keep things super simple! With encryption applied, emails send in less than three seconds, just like regular email, even when they contain very large files (up to 5TB)!
  • What’s more, activating Zivver is easy. Users are logged in automatically via your organization’s signal sign on authentication procedure and stay signed in for 30 days.
  • With regular email, employees have very little control over their messages once sent. Zivver provides proof of receipt for every email, detailing who has and hasn’t opened messages.
  • Employees can also revoke emails effortlessly, with zero time limits, and set revocation time periods on emails, as well as organization-wide revocation rules. We put the power in your hands!

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Last updated - 20/12/23
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