Why choose Zivver over Egress?
Compare Secure Email Solutions - Zivver vs. Egress

Trusted by over 5,000 organizations globally, Zivver is the leading secure digital communications platform preventing data leaks and ensuring zero-trust


6 reasons to choose Zivver


Zivver doesn’t have access to your decryption keys

With the invalidation of Privacy Shield and recent attention of zero-trust, we recognize the risks associated with vendors having access to your organization's data.

Unlike other vendors such as Microsoft 365, Google and Egress, Zivver doesn’t have access to the keys to decrypt your data. Our zero-access key policy helps solve some of the biggest security and compliance challenges your organization may face in the cloud.

Zivver protects sensitive information with multi factor authentication

Most organizations share information that (from a privacy law perspective) requires person to person protection. Information such as your medical records, personal finance or tax information and more.

‘Regular’ email can only ensure server to server protection. Zivver goes to the next level and adds smart and effortless multi-factor authentication (MFA) for senders and recipients, supporting sharing of even the most sensitive types of information.

It’s a type of security level that most vendors, including Egress, can not offer.


Zivver doesn't force your recipients to create accounts

At the heart of a secure email communication is the sender and the recipient. We believe the experience should be effortless, without major hoops to jump through, such as forcing recipients to create accounts or insisting that they answer a secret question like ‘What was the location you got married?’

This increases barriers to effective communication and actually lowers security, because people will choose weak passwords.

Unlike Egress, Zivver doesn’t require recipients to create accounts at all, significantly increasing adoption and the user experience of interacting with your organization.

Zivver provides legal proof of receipt and access

Sometimes you need to be able to legally prove that information was sent to a specific individual, on a certain date, via a secure and recorded method, with confirmation that the recipient received or accessed the information. To date, you may default to using a secure postal service - which can be costly and time consuming.

Zivver is one of the few providers that can act as a full Electronic Registered Delivery Service (ERDS), providing the legal proof of receipt you need.


Send and receive massive files (no 50MB cap)

Unlike Egrees which caps file transfer sizes at 50MB, with Zivver you can send and receive massive files of any file type, up to 5TB. This means you can do away with alternative file transfer services and tools and streamline workflows.

Zivver seamlessly supports secure working from group mailboxes

Working from group mailboxes, functional accounts, delegated accounts and more is essential and commonplace. Making these communications highly secure shouldn’t create an additional burden for your IT department; manually managing the accounts. 

Zivver seamlessly and effortlessly syncs accounts from your source system like Active Directory, and ensures your users are automatically authenticated to the appropriate mailbox with full logging and audit trailing.


Hear from others

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“We’ve used Zivver so much more than any other tools available to us, including our historical digital communications solution, which is one of the reasons we switched; uptake across the trust of the old platform was very low. With Zivver, uptake is considerably higher - it has skyrocketed, and that’s because it’s so simple to use.”

Sarah Judge, Digital operational lead & CCIO, West Suffolk Foundation Trust

“Zivver has enabled us to comply with our data governance policies whilst at the same time reducing the risk of us losing data via email. For a technology that is very complex, Zivver have made the user experience incredibly simple.”

Steve Ledoux, Head of IT, DougieMac Hospice
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"A secure email solution also matches our company DNA and is something we should be able to offer our customers.” Says Mario Vermunt. “Now we send and receive sensitive data securely using Zivver. And that's a reassuring thought.”

Mario Vermunt, Marketing & Communications Director, AT Osborne

How does Zivver and Egress compare?

Find out more about how Zivver and Egress compare on a functional level in the OMDIA  Market Radar Outbound Email Security Report.

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Does Zivver protect my sensitive data in my email client?

Yes, Zivver integrates seamlessly with Gmail, Outlook and Office 365, preventing the leading cause of data leaks whether users are at home, the office, or on the go.

Is an additional product (gateway server) required to integrate Zivver with my email client?

Zivver does not require an additional product gateway to integrate with Gmail and Outlook Web Access.

What makes Zivver so user-friendly?

Zivver is designed to ‘always be there, but never be in the way.’ It seamlessly integrates into your existing email so you’ll hardly notice it’s there. Plus, users can choose whether to set-up secure email mode as ‘always on’ or can simply switch it on with just one click.

Does Zivver allow multi factor authentication?

Yes. Users can require recipients to authenticate their identities with a time based one-time password sent via SMS.

Does Zivver provide logging and reporting functionality?

Yes. With Zivver, users can view when their messages have been received and opened. Comprehensive audit and communication logs track all user activity to provide you with better insights and control.

Does Zivver work with group accounts?

Yes - and we keep it simple, too. Personal accounts and access to group accounts is directly synced from the Active Directory, enabling users to easily switch between accounts without having to log in and out.

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