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Over 80% of data leaks are caused by human errors. That's because most company email lacks effective human error prevention technology, causing accidental data leaks. Learn more about how Zivver can enable this.

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We take our security seriously

Zivver uses the most secure technology to protect sensitive data

A solution that protects your organization's digital communications at each stage of the journey (before, during, and after sending)


Error-Prevention Technology

Enable staff to avoid accidental data leaks, the top cause of data breaches


Two-Factor Authentication

Several options for two-factor authentication to protect against unauthorized access


Zero-Access Encryption

Minimize the risk of important data falling into the wrong hands

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The core of our secure email solution

Authentication and encryption: There are several 2FA options available when using Zivver. Asymmetric zero-knowledge encryption ensures that no unauthorized persons can access your data, providing an effective DLP solution.

Transport Layer Security (TLS): TLS secures the connection between the sender and the receiver. We use this so that no one can intercept emails and attachments.

Alerts to prevent data leaks: Use standard or industry-specific Business Rules to ensure that the correct level of security is applied to each message every time and can be adjusted as needed.

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"We use Zivver because people must have confidence that the ministry will handle their personal data with the highest level of security."


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NN Insurances

"The steps we are taking today in the field of digitization and privacy are important for the future."
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AT Osborne Consultancy

"Before Zivver, we were sharing a lot of sensitive information via USB stick or by email in an unsafe way."
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Agency DNA

"Zivver is an essential tool for any organization looking to add a layer of security to communications."
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