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Zivver Secure eSignatures | Prepare and sign documents, straight from your inbox

Zivver Secure eSignatures takes the hassle out of signing documents by bringing the power of secure eSignatures to your inbox. 

We believe in using the tools you already have. With Zivver Secure eSignatures, you can prepare, send and track documents without leaving Outlook. 

Used alongside our effortless secure email solution, now you can protect sensitive documents before, during and after documents are signed, and exchange documents privately with zero knowledge encryption ensuring compliance with data regulations including the GDPR.

From sent to signed, all in one place 

No expensive licenses, no separate platforms, our new digital signature solution empowers employees to prepare and send e-signature documents straight from their inbox. It’s as simple as sign and send - here’s how it works:

1 Prepare - Straight from your inbox

Prepare a document without leaving your inbox. Create an email in Outlook as you usually would, attach a document and quickly place required signature fields.

No need to do anything in a separate tab or platform; prepare it all in your email draft!

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2 Send - Encrypted in transit

With our secure email technology, you can share documents safe in the knowledge that your contract or agreement is encrypted in transit and requires 2FA to access and sign. That way, only the people you’ve allowed to view or sign the document can do so.

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3 Sign - Finalise and review

Sign your document and, when it’s complete and ready for review, everyone involved will have access to the finalised signed version, plus a detailed audit report.

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Zivver Secure eSignatures is the effortless new way of managing documents requiring signature, supporting organizations to email compliantly.

Learn more about Zivver Secure eSignatures. Get in touch to speak with a security expert.

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Last updated - 09/04/24
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